How to Regift... and Not Get Caught

Because there is an el cheapo in all of us.

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  • Thursday, 5 May 2016
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How to Regift... and Not Get Caught
Master the art of regifting. (Image: Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo/Free Images)

In the premiere episode of Season 12 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Rob Kardashian was thrown under the bus for regifting an iPad—originally given to him by his sister, Kendall Jenner—to his current flame, Blac Chyna. We agree, it was a major boo boo, but not because of the regifting act itself. Rather, it was because the dude got caught doing it!

Let’s be practical here. There is nothing wrong with regifting. You’re just passing along a perfectly fine gift to someone who would appreciate it more than you do. Plus, you’re saving money at the same time! All you need to do is to be smart about it…

Remember who gave you what

Keep a record on your phone, paste a sticky note on your forehead—do whatever you have to do to avoid ever regifting something to the same person who gave it to you. The shame will be too hard to swallow.

Make sure it’s in perfect condition

One man’s trash is not always another man’s treasure. If you notice faults with the gift, don’t regift it—it’s an obvious giveaway. Plus, we want you to be thrifty, not become selfish monsters!

Study the gift

Even though you have no intention of keeping the gift, make sure to equip yourself with general details about the item: how it looks like and how it works. This is to ensure that you have sufficient info to whip up an answer for when your friend asks you how you like the organic handmade soap she got you, or when your boyfriend asks you about the headphones he got you for Valentine’s.

Rewrap it

For goodness sake, you’ve already saved time in not having to look for a gift. The least you can do is to change the wrapper. Gifting a dusty box wrapped in a Christmas tree-patterned paper at a birthday party—you think they stupid meh?

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Don’t regift within the same social circle

Never pass on a gift from one family member to another—even if both are from different sides of the family. Your grandaunt is not going to be pleased when she sees your cousin arriving at a family wedding in the shirt she has given you. Here’s an extra tip: make sure both aren’t mutual friends on social media too. You wouldn’t want one to bump into an Instagram post of the other flaunting the gift.

Don’t even try it with personalized items

Like duh. How would you like being handed a mug engraved with "Melvin" when your name is Eddy?

Avoid doing it in front of children

Kids are horrible at keeping secrets. Lest you want your little one shouting, “Hey, that looks like the tie Mummy gave you!” in front of everyone, keep them away during your regifting attempt.

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