According To This Study, Malaysians Are Deprived Of Vacations

Only 37 per cent of Malaysians took all their annual leaves last year.

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According To This Study, Malaysians Are Deprived Of Vacations
We know it is only March, but it is time to reevaluate our work-life balance.

In recent years, the global tourism industry has been booming and people are travelling now more than ever before. 

Despite that, vacation deprivation is also becoming a rising trend across the globe.

Strange, isn't it?

According to Expedia's '2017 Expedia Vacation Deprivation Study', 53 per cent of full-time working adults felt vacation deprived in 2017, an increase from the 49 per cent in 2016.

Where does Malaysia stand in that statistic?

We're apparently the third most vacation deprived country in the world and second most in Asia Pacific!

Malaysians Are Not Taking Enough Leaves

Last year, only 37 per cent of Malaysians took all their entitled annual leaves even with the recent increase to 18 days in total, while 52 per cent had to cancel their holiday plans due to work.

Just keep dreaming until your sharks eat you.
Due to this, 65 per cent of Malaysians admitted that they are vacation deprived, that's almost two-thirds of employees here.

Malaysians Are Finding It Harder to Go On Vacations

The main reason Malaysian employees haven't been going on holidays is due to budget constraints. Vacations are not cheap, especially with the Malaysian Ringgit dwindling, and 35 per cent of Malaysians agreed.

Work to live, live to work.
Some kedekut ones would rather save up their annual leave days for longer vacations in the future, 31 per cent of them to be exact, while 26 per cent unfortunately responded that they couldn't get away from work.

More than one-third of Malaysian workaholics (35 per cent) admitted that still checked their work emails and voicemails at least once a day while on vacation. 

Just enjoy your holiday lah!
And because of that, 38 per cent of them end up feeling stressed after checking in. 

Were you waiting for a bonus announcement in your email or something?
However, majority of Malaysian working adults (72 per cent) do believe that it is their right to take vacations without feeling guilty. 

So just go and enjoy your holiday peacefully and mute all your work emails and WhatsApp group chats!

Work-Life Balance is Critical for Professional Well-being

People always say that work-life balance is a crucial part of ensuring better productivity and performance at work.

77 per cent of Malaysians agreed that they feel more relaxed after coming back from a holiday. You know how people tell you that they see a certain glow coming from you the first day after you return from a break?

Let's get back to work.
It's true!

Besides that, 53 per cent feel more productive at work and 49 per cent more focused. Another 40 per cent of Malaysians mentioned that they can think better after clearing their mind during their vacation.

But not everyone keeps this in mind.

54 per cent of Malaysian employees spend time at work dreaming about vacation and 65 per cent planning their vacations.

Don't live the sad life.
Why dream and plan if you're not going to do something about it?

In fact, millennials (18 to 34 years old) are the most vacation deprived group in Malaysia, 71 per cent!

We guess the older generation would be happy to know that we're such a hardworking group, right?

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