This Website Lets You Rent Actual Korean Oppas As Your ‘Date’ And Guide In Korea

Well, they can also sort of double as your boyfriend for the day.

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This Website Lets You Rent Actual Korean Oppas As Your ‘Date’ And Guide In Korea
Images: Oh My Oppa
If you’re a hardcore K-pop or K-drama fan, we’re pretty sure you have a a list of popular Korean oppas who you would want to marry one day.

Well, that dream of yours might seem a bit unrealistic, but if you’re travelling to Korea soon and are hoping to find a potential Korean boyfriend, you might be one step closer to it.

There’s a website called ‘Oh My Oppa’ which offers tour guide services but not just any services, mind you; you could actually rent a cute oppa for a day and he’ll take you to places of interests in Korea and help you understand more about their culture.

Hello, we'd like to book Raymond oppa for the day because LOOK AT HIM.
Psst, you could also think of it as a date and people will totally believe it if you’re taking pictures together at all the tourist spots.

Some of the oppas available at your service.
There’s a total of eight oppas available at the moment and each oppa has their own interests and extensive knowledge of certain topics. All of them are located at different locations and are capable of conversing in English.

For example, Ryan oppa studied architecture so he’ll not only bring you to cool Insta-worthy spots, but he’ll also explain the architecture and history behind those buildings or monuments.

If you've always dreamed of going on a date with a Korean architecture student, here's your chance!
This is Ryan and he'll bring you to coffee shops and take selfies with you too.
It is said that the rental fee starts from 40,000 Korean Won (RM145.25) onwards for two hours.

Before you get all excited and book a flight to Korea, you should be informed that the service is temporarily closed for now.

They will reopen again in April, which is kind of perfect since it’s the cherry blossom season – which means more perfect photo opportunities with your oppa!

You can even rent a hanbok on walk around with your oppa for a more authentic Korean date.

To know more about the oppas, visit their website or Facebook page.

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