We Got Some Beauty Tips From Popular Korean Model-Actress Lee Sung Kyung

Here's how you can have flawless and radiant complexion, just like Korean women.

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We Got Some Beauty Tips From Popular Korean Model-Actress Lee Sung Kyung
Image: Laneige
Korean women are very serious about beauty and skincare. They wouldn't step out of the house without flawless, hydrated and glowing skin. Hence why they're constantly on the hunt for makeup and skincare products that could help achieve that look.

In the past couple of years, the Korean Beauty (or K-Beauty) trend swept the beauty community around the world. Many popular brands started to adopt the same regime and create products that give off the same look and feel.

One of the essential K-Beauty products that really took off was the BB cushion or cushion foundation.

All the ladies loved the idea of carrying their staple liquid foundation or BB cream around in the form of a compact because it comes with a cushion sponge that keeps the makeup from making a mess.

It's kind of like a stamp ink pad.
Western brands thought that this was a brilliant idea as well and produced their own range of cushion foundations.

Since then, the beauty industry has seen all kinds of cushion makeup other than foundation and BB creams. We've got cushion blush, eyeliner, lip tint, highlighter and even eyebrow gel!

However, it is safe to say that the brand that actually pioneered the cushion compact trend and steered the ship in the right direction is Laneige.

Laneige's cushion makeup has sold more than 18 million pieces in over 13 countries around the world since they introduced their first generation BB cushion 10 years ago.

Now, the South Korean cosmetic brand has just launched their newest cushion called the Layering Cover Cushion.

The rose gold packaging is so pretty!
Unlike the regular cushion compact we're used to, this new product is a 2-in-1 makeup that has both foundation and concealer!

The Layering Cover Cushion comes with a concealing base and layering cushion that complements each other perfectly. 

Laneige studied the makeup trend among millennials and saw that many women of this generation love layering and mixing products to get a flawless and natural finish. For example, layering makeup base, primer, foundation and concealer on top of each other.

So this was the concept that the brand had in mind while creating the new cushion foundation.

The Layering Cover Cushion also comes with a layering puff that is divided into two parts.
The concealing base is formulated with the aqua melting technology to deliver high coverage even with a soft touch. The balm-like concealer is made of porous powder components to help absorb excess sebum to give semi-matte finish.

On the other hand, the layering cushion then acts as the foundation for the skin. It contains illuminating jewel powder made out of fine pearls that gives off a pink lighting effect. This helps to give your complexion a rosier, healthier and livelier look overall.

Who doesn't want to look healthy and lively, right?

Just look at Laneige's brand ambassador Lee Sung Kyung. The Korean model and actress graced Malaysians with her presence in the past two days and everybody was left in awe of her beauty and radiance.

This was Lee Sung Kyung's second time in Malaysia.
We asked her about her secret to achieving the flawless and radiant complexion we all dream of and it was surprisingly not as impossible as we thought.

"For me, skincare is the most important step to have clear skin. Having hydrated skin is very important, so I spend a lot of time taking care of my skin," Lee said.

She uses water essence and creams to keep her skin hydrated, especially during the cold and dry winter seasons.

On days when she doesn't have to be in front of the camera, she still makes sure to exercise and eat healthy to ensure that she has good skin.

Any girl would look this happy when she has new makeup in her hand.
"I usually can’t take care of my health properly because of my hectic schedule. But I always try to take care of my skin. So I try to work out more often," she shared.

We don't want to sound like a broken record, but it is proven that exercising is key to healtheir body and skin!

In terms of makeup, Lee's go-to look is hands-down the more natural makeup.

"When I’m off camera, I usually go for natural look just by using a cushion foundation. I also love it because it's so easy to carry around," she said.

So take it from the beautiful star and start applying her beauty tips!

The new Layering Cover Cushion will retail for RM145 at all Laneige counters and boutiques nationwide starting mid-March.

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