5 Underrated Picture Perfect Places You Probably Didn’t Know Exist Around Perth


Get ready to be in awe of this beautiful city in Western Australia!

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5 Underrated Picture Perfect Places You Probably Didn’t Know Exist Around Perth
Usually when someone wants to travel to the Land Down Under, they would always opt for places such as Melbourne, Sydney or Gold Coast due to the scenery, culture, or theme parks.

But to be honest, those cities are quite overrated, if you ask us.

Did you know that there’s another Australian city that offers amazing landscapes and attractions that no other city in Australia could probably offer?

Perth is a city located in Western Australia and it is closer to Malaysia compared to other Australian cities, so this means you don’t have to spend longer hours flying to your destination!

So, if you’re planning a trip to Perth soon and are not sure where to go, here are five underrated places that are not only stunning but will also be very Insta-worthy.

#1 Rottnest Island

Riding a bike is one of the best way to explore the scenic island!
This idyllic island paradise is just a ferry away!
If you’re looking for a short island getaway in the city, look no further as Rottnest Island offers an amazing tropical experience with a taste of Australian wildlife.

The island itself looks like it came straight out of a postcard; it’s surrounded by pristine azure blue waters, white sandy beaches, vast marine life, and it’s also home to quokkas – a small marsupial that is so adorable that it’s been named the world’s happiest animal!

And if you’re expecting traffic congestion on the island, fret not as private cars aren’t allowed on it so you’d have to get around it via bicycles or roller skates.

#2 Pink Lake

Look at that gorgeous shade of pink! A sight you don't see every day.
No one can top your #OOTD pictures here! (Unless if they also come here, lah)
This nature marvel might sound like a myth but yes, it does exist and it’s only located five hours north from Perth. Getting there might require a little road trip, but trust us, it’s really worth it. And honestly, where else can you find pink lakes?

The lake is rich in salt and has a beautiful pink hue thanks to the high concentration of algae in the water. But bear in mind though, that this lake isn’t swimmable but it’s highly Instagrammable.

Who knows, this lake might just be the highlight of your trip!

#3 Bibbulmun Track

Get ready to view breath-taking scenery that's only accessible by foot!
This walking track should be on top of every nature lover's bucket list!
Adventure seekers and nature lovers, this is one place you need to explore. Bibbulmun Track is actually a walking trail that stretches 1,000km from Kalamunda, east of Perth to Albany.

You can discover plenty of breath-taking flora and fauna along the trails and sceneries that you can only access by foot. Along the way, you’ll be greeted with a grand view of the Indian and Southern Oceans. You can also set up campsites at the designated areas.

There’s no better place to go on an adventure with family and friends than a trip to the Bibbulmun Track.

#4 The Pinnacles Desert

This other-worldy marvel awaits you near the Nambung National Park.
This unique limestone formations were formed over millions of years.
Have you always wanted a change of scenery when you travel, away from city sky scrapers or sandy beaches? Well, Pinnacles is the place to be! This fascinating rock formation is located nearby the Nambung National Park.

Thousands of unique-looking limestone formation formed over millions of years are scattered around a mysterious yellow desert landscape which you will absolutely be in awe of. Psst, we heard that you can also organise sunset or star-gazing trips here.

Perfect place to pop the question, if, you know, you want to pop the question.

#5 Wave Rock

This place makes the perfect #OOTD spot. Totally Instagrammable!
Looks so majestic!
Standing majestically at 15 meters high, this multi-coloured granite cliff has natural wave-like carvings that’ll immediately transport you to another world. The formation took over 27 million years to form due to weathering and water erosion, so it’s no wonder that this cliff looks like it came from a sci-fi movie.

You can also find a myriad of orchids and Australian wildflowers sprouting beautifully everywhere around the Wave Rock, which is located in the Hyden Wildlife Park, during spring time.

BONUS: Crawley Edge Boatshed

The picture Perth-fect spot.The iconic boat shed sits atop the calm waters of Swan River.
Since you’re already wandering around Perth exploring the city’s hidden natural treasures, why not stop by the Crawley Edge Boatshed at Swan River? Your trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without a photo in front of this iconic blue boatshed.

Hundreds of tourists flock to this boatshed everyday, which sits panoramically on the banks of Matilda Bay, just to take the coolest Instagram photos with it.

So, have we convinced you to book a flight to Perth and visit all these natural wonders?

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