We Did The #UglyBackground Photo Challenge And Here's What It Looks Like

Who knew these places were actually super Insta-worthy?

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We Did The #UglyBackground Photo Challenge And Here's What It Looks Like
Images: Rojak Daily. (Thank you to the model who cooperated with us even though he was forced to)
The Internet is a wonderful and weird place where all the challenges takes place. From the super-cool mannequin challenge to the idiotic Tide pod challenge, netizens have never failed to amaze us with their own rendition of popular or trending online challenges.

But among all the challenges, there was one that caught our eye the most: the ugly background challenge.

The premise is simple; you find a place with an ugly design/background/surrounding and challenge yourself to take a beautiful photo there.

Here are a few examples:

From normal fence to cool fence.
No one would believe you went to a supermarket to take these photos.
You can check out the rest of this photographer’s version of the challenge where she used unconventional and ugly places to take really awesome photos.

We decided to take part in this literally challenging challenge and left our comfortable, air-conditioned office space to wander out into the wilderness under the scorching hot sun to scour the most ‘ugly’ locations we can find to pull off this challenge.

Here are the results:

1. Shipping Container

This cool amber-copper shade definitely makes your pictures stand out.

This rusty shipping container makes a chic background.

Shipping containers have recently been elevated to a more industrial-chic concept, with the prevalence of container-themed hotels and houses. So, it’s really a no-brainer that these colourful containers would also make an excellent backdrop for a photoshoot. 

2. Wire fence

Will Tyra Banks choose this image as photo of the week?
From afar, this diesel tank looks like the last place you'd ever want to take a photo at. But with good composition and angling, you'd bound to get a great photo at the most unlikeliest of places.

3. Basketball court

Wow, are you GQ material?
Poor guy was forced to lie down on this ground.
Getting the right shot required a lot of teamwork and effort, ok guys.
At first, we tried taking photos at the court but it wasn't 'special' enough...until we noticed a broken fence. The angle of the sun casted a pretty shadow on our 'model'. Getting the shot wasn't easy; just look at the behind-the-scenes photo.

4. A Normal Bush

Told your friend you went on a vacation but you actually didn't? Here's the solution.
You can turn a normal bush into an autumn-themed backdrop. Perfect if you want to fool your friends into thinking that you're away on a tropical or autumn vacation (depending on the colour and type of leaf, of course).

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