A Malaysian Girl Tries The Nasi Lemak Currypuff In Singapore

Is it worth the hype?

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A Malaysian Girl Tries The Nasi Lemak Currypuff In Singapore
I feel like, when it comes to nasi lemak, any Malaysian can be a considered connoisseur.

The operative word here being “Malaysian”, so when Old Chang Kee in Singapore released their Nasi Lemak Chicken’O curry puff, I was truly skeptical, and decided to try it out for myself.

I mean, what could go wrong with nasi lemak wrapped in a curry puff crust, right?

I bought one.

What does it look like?

At first glance, it actually looks like some pastry monstrosity.

I’m not convinced that it needed to be green, because the green resembles the banana leaf that wraps the nasi lemak, but we don’t actually eat the banana leaf - but I know enough not to question the colour of promotional food items.

The Hulk will be pleased.
It then dawned on me that the price I paid for this one green currypuff could easily get me SIX packets of proper nasi lemak back home (the Singapore Dollar really takes a toll on my Malaysian wallet).

So, I came up with a truly unscientific method of measuring the currypuff to see if I was getting my money’s worth.

What good is there in knowing that this curry puff is about 12cm long and 4cm wide? I have no clue.

Who knew a ruler would come in handy.If you’re not a superficial person and you believe it’s what on the inside that counts, then this could be the currypuff for you.

In all fairness, the cross section of the currypuff did look like what was on the poster. Inside there was a quarter of an egg, some sambal with ikan bilis, peanuts and a tiny piece of chicken.

Hooray for honest presentation!

What does it taste like?

My first thought after taking a bite into this blasphemous amalgamation was that it is not terrible. I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it either.

Missing the nasi part though.
The sambal was a little too sweet but not spicy enough. A good sambal has a little kick to it to wake you up and make you feel alive.

This sambal feels like something served to you at a bad dinner party that you swallow down just to be polite.

The egg, the anchovies and the peanuts were fine, although, it would be kinda difficult to mess those up, even for the worst cooks.

Sambal needs some work.The chicken was dry, and there was so little of it, it must have been put in as an afterthought. The small cube I had in mine was gone in one bite.

It might have been better if they had minced the chicken up and mixed it with the sambal - that way, I wouldn’t have felt disappointed by my pathetic chicken portion.

So wrong on so many levels.
The pastry was crumbly, which I know sounds like a good thing, but pastry just doesn’t go well with sambal!!! I’m not talented enough to explain why they don’t go together, but you should just take my word for it.

I also couldn’t shake off the thought that I was eating green food colouring unnecessarily. 

Shrek? Onions? No.
The closest thing I can think of to this, in terms of taste, would be the Gardenia ikan bilis sambal bun, but even that tastes way better than this and only costs a fraction of the price.

Perhaps sambal only suits fluffy white bread and not thick buttery pastry.

The verdict

I’d never eat this again. It wasn’t bad enough for me to spit out, but it wasn’t good enough for me to finish it.

The truth of the matter is, what makes nasi lemak great is the high cholesterol artery-clogging coconut milk rice. No santan, no talk.

Never again.
I do appreciate some other forms of nasi lemak fusion foods, though.

The nasi lemak burger seems like it was a good idea. The nasi lemak cake is incredibly popular. I can even stomach the nasi lemak ice cream! But nasi lemak currypuff is a thumbs down for me.

Although, you don’t have to take my word for it. The promotion ends at the end of this month, so you have one more week to try it out for yourself.

Final score: ★☆☆☆☆

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