Your Friends Can Now Lick A Giant Lollipop...Of Your Face!

The perfect birthday gift!

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Your Friends Can Now Lick A Giant Lollipop...Of Your Face!

Always missing somebody? Here's one gift that's perfect for you.

Instead of gifting someone with a scrapbook or a photobook (because the 1990s called, they want their idea back) to remember you by, why not give them a giant lollipop...of your hensem face?

That's right; your friends can now lick your face.

You can be like the giraffe.
A lifestyle shop in the UK called Firebox recently launched their new service called 'Face Licker' where - you guessed it! - they will create a lollipop version of your face, your friend's face or even a celeb's one.

So, if you've always wanted to lick Emma Watson's gorgeous mug, you can now do so. Well, sort of.

Lick it like you mean it.
According to the description on their website, the lollipop is "life-size, completely bespoke and made from scratch".

To make the lollipop, all they need is a photo and a short description of the person you would like to turn into a lollipop.

The candy maker will then take up to seven days to manufacture the treat.

Loving that beard, Brad.
Did you do your hair, Jane?
Unfortunately, you can't really customise the flavour of the lollipop.

According to Firebox, the giant candy comes in only one flavour: irresistible all natural tutti-frutti flavour.

Making your face.
So, how much does this cost? Well, it's not cheap.

The lollipop itself costs USD56.09 (RM220.18) and you can expect to top up around USD20 for shipping. And yes, they deliver to Malaysia, 'cos we just checked!

Sure it's pricey, but the look on your best friend's face when they see your face? Priceless.

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