Malaysia Will Soon Be Home To Caravan Parks In The Future

Here’s to more adventurous road trips!

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Malaysia Will Soon Be Home To Caravan Parks In The Future
If you’ve been to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, you’d probably noticed that a lot of travellers, especially in big groups, love to go on cross-country adventures in a caravan.

A caravan is like a moving hotel/home as it has amenities such as beds, toilet, shower, and even a kitchen. The features make it easier for people to travel and enjoy scenic places within the comfort of a ‘portable home’.

Well, if you’ve been wishing that the caravan concept will someday be integrated into our culture, it may potentially be happening soon.

The Malaysia Inbound Tourism Association (Mita) has expressed their interest in setting up caravan parks all over the country.

Imagine how cool the caravan park will look like!
Mita president Uzaidi Udanis told The Star that they saw a potential in creating a caravan-based travelling culture in Malaysia and they have already started working with the local government to set up safe caravan parks all over the country.

“Caravans are like hotels on wheels, equipped with beds, toilets and a small kitchen. Travellers can drive rented caravans to see tourist attractions like in Australia or the United States,” Uzaidi told the English daily.

“Tourists are also getting more adventurous these days and don’t mind driving around to see our nation.”

So after this you can go on an epic road trip across Malaysia or even Thailand with your buddies!
Caravan goals!
However, there are a lot of things that need to be worked out before we get to experience caravan parks in Malaysia.

For one, approval is needed from the Land Public Transport Commission to allow such vehicles to be rented out to customers. Studies will also need to be conducted first in order to set up guidelines for the service.

Well, when we said soon, it won’t be so soon lah, but we hope that caravan parks will be a thing in five years.

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