These Malaysian Office Ghost Stories Will Make You Think Twice About Working At Night

Warning: Don't read this alone in the dark.

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These Malaysian Office Ghost Stories Will Make You Think Twice About Working At Night
Whether you realise it or not, almost everyone has a ghost story to tell about their workplaces, especially for those who end up staying back late into the night.

Rojak Daily compiled a few of these ghost stories for your reading scare pleasure.

Enjoy, but don't read this when you're in the office alone at night.

Disclaimer: For the sake of our interviewees' privacy, their names have been changed. All of these supernatural occurrences happened in 'normal' office buildings, not hospitals/cemeteries/etc.

#1 Who called my name?

Working at 10pm one night, Dira was in the toilet when she heard a lady call out her name. Except, there was no one else there.

"We need to go out of the office to get to the toilet. It's near the lift lobby. To go out of the office you need to swipe your employee ID at the door. I didn't hear a single sound of that except for my own or the elevator, so…." 

We'll let you make your own conclusion. 

#2 Ghosts that play with technology

"When I'm at the office late at night when the air conditioner is off, there will be an occasional cold breeze around me," says Chris, who has stayed back at the office past midnight.

"I've also heard scratching noises coming from the floor above me." 

Another interviewee, Elle, tells us that sometimes the PCs would suddenly turn on on its own in the middle of the night, and you can hear the mouse moving. She has also heard mysterious knocks on doors and the elevator stopping at a random level, and a sudden flowery fragrant would appear.

"I've never seen them up close," she tells us. "I've run into them 'disguised' as someone else—maybe as a cleaner or a colleague from afar (when they shouldn't be there)—but you can tell that they're not humans." 

#3 A faceless guest in the elevator

Mun works at a well-known local bank and tells us about her colleague's experience during a midnight shift.

"He entered the elevator to take a smoke downstairs around 3am, and there was a woman in yellow attire already inside it, her head lowered down. He ignored her, thinking that she was also a part of the midnight shift. But it was weird because normally, those who worked the midnight shift would stick together on the second floor. This 'woman' had pressed the fifth floor instead. 

He wanted to ask her about it, but then noticed that she had no reflection. When he reached his floor, he quickly got out and when he looked behind, she was gone. A few of my colleagues have actually seen this woman before; she would sometimes come with a small boy." 

She also adds that her company specifically allocated the first floor for the ghosts—meaning that no one works there—so that they won't disturb other employees. 

#4 'It' followed her home

It's fine when ghosts leave you alone, but what if they started stalking you? Elle tells us a story about one of her colleagues, who became a victim. 

"It was 8.30pm when my friend was alone in the office. A female cleaner asked her, "Aren't you going home? It's dangerous to be here alone at this time of the night." She answered, "It's okay, I'm used to it. I'm not scared."

Suddenly, the glass of water on her desk fell to the floor, breaking into pieces. Pretty ominous, huh? The lady disappeared right after.

Scared to bits, my friend called her husband up. He told her to not come home immediately, just in case 'the thing' would follow her back. When she got into the elevator, the doors started opening and closing repeatedly. Eventually, she got to leave, but that night, in her sleep, she felt as if someone was slapping her.

When she looked at her reflection the next morning, there were scratch marks on her face. She ended up being on sick leave for three days."

#5 Where are my keys?

Hani's office building is so haunted, contractors who do repairs and renovations refuse to work past 6pm because a 'girl' would laugh at them. Occasionally workers there would hear the sound of a baby crying or see shadows of kids playing with a ball at the corner of their eyes. 

"One day, we got the chance to clock out early. My assistant sits right outside the door to my room. I locked it, and we left together. The next morning, I couldn't find the keys in my bag, so I waited for the staff to fetch the spare keys to unlock the room for me.

"I called my mum to look for the keys in my bedroom, because I had no memory of taking anything out of my bag except for my phone and charger. 

She couldn't find it, and just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, I checked every corner of my bag as well. We looked all over my room; on my table, under it, my drawers—which then seemed dumb because I was certain I locked it when I left. We searched my assistant's desk area, the elevator, the toilets, the guards—if I did lose them, I had to bear the cost of replacing it with a new set of locks to the management, and I didn't want that. 

When I was about to leave, around 5.15pm, I saw something shiny in the small box on my table. There it was, the keys I was looking for! I was overjoyed but then I stopped to think we had already looked for it inside the box that morning… And if it had always stayed there, who had locked the door? My assistant said she had seen me do it but why weren't the keys with me that morning?

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