You Can Now Buy Homer Simpson's Famous Pink Donut

About time!

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You Can Now Buy Homer Simpson's Famous Pink Donut
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Krispy Kreme is on a roll!

Just weeks after debuting the Nutella donut, Krispy Kreme has done it again.

This time, the popular donut chain has introduced the one donut 'The Simpsons' fans have been obsessed with for years: the Homer Simpson donut.

Us at the moment.
Over the years, Homer's iconic hot pink donut has made its way onto T-shirts, turned into soft toys and keychains, but now, we finally got the real thing.

We're actually surprised it took them so long to introduce this donut.

Rainin' donuts!
Aptly called the Simpsons D'ohnut, the hot pink colour comes from Krispy Kreme dipping its famed Original Glazed donut into strawberry-flavoured white chocolate truffle icing.

Rainbow sprinkles are added on top of the donut to complete the signature look.

Well, if you're a fan of Rojak Daily, you would know by now that this is the part we break the bad news to you.

The Simpsons D'ohnut is only available in Australia and for a limited time only.

If you're lucky enough to be in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales on or before 30 April, you can get the donut at Krispy Kreme outlets or 7-Eleven stores.

Or if you have a friend or a colleague who is in Australia at the moment (looking at you, Iylia Adreena of Rojak Daily), you can order the donut online and have them bring it back to you.

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