Guess How Many Scarves Have dUCk Scarves Sold In Four Years (It’s A LOT)

Hint: You can build a fort, a castle, or a little town out of it.

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Guess How Many Scarves Have dUCk Scarves Sold In Four Years (It’s A LOT)
Images: @theduckgroup Instagram
Either you realise it or not, dUCk Scarves have been adorning the heads of fellow hijabistas and fashionistas not only in Malaysia but around the world for four years now.

The brand that started off as an exclusive scarf brand on Fashion Valet’s online store has now expanded into a variety of lifestyle items such as dUCk Stationery, dUCk Home and Living, dUCk Cosmetics, and dUCk Accessories.

They’ve also gone the traditional route of opening physical stores so that their duckies (dUCk fans) can get a hold of the items and experience them in person before making any purchase.

The dUCk Scarves store at Pavilion.
On Friday, The dUCk Group opened its doors to its third outlet at Suria KLCC. The third outlet is a little special as it is the first concept store under the brand where duckies can find the entire range of their inventory under the lifestyle brand – scarves, makeup, stationery, accessories, and home and living; all under one roof.

Some of the cosmetic items offered by dUCk Cosmetics.
The chic rose gold stationery collection by dUCk.
But what really caught our attention (apart from everything pretty at the store) was what its founder Vivy Yusof shared with us during the launch.

Ever since dUCk Scarves paved its way into the hijab world four years ago, the luxury brand has sold over 1,000,000 scarves worldwide!

Not only that, their iconic Kuala Lumpur print scarf also proved to be a fan favourite after selling more than 20,000 units.

The coveted KL dUCk Scarves.
Well, it’s a no-brainer that dUCk Scarves is able to reach such great heights. Last year, we reported that the limited edition rosy pink KL dUCk Scarves adorned with Swarovski crystals priced at RM800 each were sold out within five minutes and a few months later, people queued up from its store up until Pavilion’s entrance just to get their hands on the Alhambra dUCk collection.

And if you think that you’re quite the math wizard, just multiply one million with the price of their scarves on average and you’ll get a rough idea how much revenue they’re making on scarves alone.

The dUCk sales team looking at their numbers be like...
The dUCk store is located at LC G02, ground floor, Suria KLCC.

For more information, visit their Instagram @theduckgroup or their website

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