We Are Absolutely McLovin' This Big Mac G-Shock Watch!

Wear your food with pride.

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We Are Absolutely McLovin' This Big Mac G-Shock Watch!
Image: Rakuten

This watch is so yummy, we feel like taking a bite!

Are you a watch aficionado? Do you like to eat? Well, we have some good news for you; you can now wear what you eat.

In conjunction with its 50th birthday, everyone's favourite fast food brand McDonald's will be releasing a watch inspired by one of its best-selling products: the Big Mac.

The exclusive capsule is the result of a collaboration with popular watch line G-SHOCK.

As you can clearly see from the pictures above, the burger plays a huge part in the design of the watch, as the face features a Big Mac burger graphic and the iconic McDonald's golden arches logo.

And if that doesn't shout 'I ❤ burgers' enough, the straps also feature the Big Mac pattern.

To put the icing on the cake (or should we say, bun on top of the patty?), the Big Mac G-SHOCK comes in a very cute, very limited edition metal tin that also resembles - yep, you guessed it! - a Big Mac.

OK, we get it, McDonald's; the Big Mac is da bomb.

Now comes the tricky bit: they are only 1,000 units of the Big Mac G-SHOCK available and you can only purchase it in Japan, so you know this is going to be a coveted collector's item.

This McDonald’s 50th anniversary merchandise will be released on Rakuten for the price of  ¥14,900 (RM540) on 14 April.

Time to set your alarm clock and wake up early if you want to get your hands on this exclusive watch, fellow McDonald's lovers.

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