Could ‘Tudung Pocong’ Be The Next Big Hari Raya Trend In Malaysia?

What’s next? Tudung ‘Dukun’?

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Could ‘Tudung Pocong’ Be The Next Big Hari Raya Trend In Malaysia?
Images: @azzim_aziz Instagram
In case you aren’t aware, Ramadhan is drawing upon us (in a month, to be exact) and the next thing you know, it’s already Hari Raya.

So, during that period, all the mak cik bawangs, fashionistas, and hijabistas of the world will be on the hunt for their next Hari Raya outfit and hijab style.

And if you happen to be on the lookout for the next big trend, look no further as we’ve got something that’ll definitely turn heads.

Bawal Pocong is the latest fad to take our fashion industry by storm as the style literally mimics how a pocong may look like.


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The hijab, designed by local designer Azzim Aziz, went viral not only in Malaysia but in Indonesia as well.

Some were amused while others mocked Azzim’s creation, but that did not deter his sales as his Bawal Pocong were sold out after news about it spread like wildfire on social media.

Each hijab is sold for RM40 and comes in seven colours.

The Baling-based designer said that he initially did not plan to design a pocong-inspired hijab.

You can opt for black, for extra horror effect.
“We decided to tie the ends of the bawal scarf as a topknot to try something different but after the photoshoot only did we see the resemblance and decided to call it Bawal Pocong,”Azzim told The Malay Mail in an interview.

So, are you guys brave enough to try out this hijab trend? Just be sure not to get offended if someone mistakes you for a real pocong, ok?

If you’re sad that the hijab is sold out, fret not as they are in the midst of restocking it. For more updates, follow Azzim’s Instagram page.

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