KFC’s Brilliant New Ad Will Make You Look Twice

Billowing smoke or just golden, fried chicken?

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KFC’s Brilliant New Ad Will Make You Look Twice
Image: KFC Hong Kong
If you’ve been scrolling through your social media especially late at night while hunger starts creeping up on you at the most unlikely hour, you might’ve noticed a few images which probably made you even hungrier.

A few images depicting golden-hued smoke billowing can be seen coming out from a few places or things – a spacecraft, a race car, and even as a backdrop for a bunch of rip-off Kamen Rider superheroes.

These photos will immediately play tricks on your mind as many people would look twice and say that the smoke looks like fried chicken. Or is it?

To infinity and beyond!
Saving the world one fried chicken at a time.
It turns out that these images were the brainchild of KFC, who came up with the smart optical illusions to promote their Hot & Spicy fried chicken.

Guess they wanted to convey how hot and spicy their chicken really is by using smoke as an emphasis point.

The images blew up not only in Malaysia but other Asian countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia as well.

A lot of KFC fans were really digging the creative imagery.
However, it wasn’t KFC Malaysia who was responsible for the images, it was KFC Hong Kong. The photoshopped chicken/smoke was done by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong.

Kudos to whoever came up with that concept, and we hope that they will get a raise soon!

Now, we’re really craving for KFC. Anyone wants to belanja us?

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