Elianto's Musang King Durian Makeup Collection Is Now Available For Purchase

Perfect for the durian lover in you.

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Elianto's Musang King Durian Makeup Collection Is Now Available For Purchase

Why just eat durian when you can wear it on your face?

Are you an absolute lover of durians? Can't imagine living a day without the thorny fruit? Can't help but put durian into your steamboat?

Well, good news for you: you can now wear it on your face permanently (OK, maybe not permanently, because that would be gross).

Local makeup brand Elianto has just made its much hyped about Musang King Durian Makeup Collection available for purchase!

Like its name suggests, the collection consists of several durian-inspired products.

We have the bright yellow lip colour (RM39.90), a moist lip care (RM39.90), the Musang King eyeshadow (RM19.90) and a highlighter (RM59.90).

According to Elianto, this makeup line features an "authentic and strong aroma of the durian, giving you the sense of satisfaction similar to gobbling a mouthful of Musang King at one go".


But our ultimate favourite from the entire line has to be its Durio Bloom EDP fragrance (RM59.90)

According to the website, the scent is "infused with durian flavour fragrance and you can feel the refreshing scent with top notes of Freesia, Bergamot and Grapefruit".

The fragrance is said to be able to last up to five hours, and using it will "make you feel beautiful everyday".

Hey, this would make a good Christmas present for your ex-girlfriend because it will go perfectly with her stinking attitude!

If you're interested to purchase the entire collection, you can get them on Elianto's online store now.

Just a question though; if you decide to buy the entire set and use it on the same day, would you look like this?:

The scent will follow you...

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