dUCk Scarves Just Launched A New Luxury Scarf Line That Costs RM1,000 Each

Time to break your piggy bank again, dUCkies.

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dUCk Scarves Just Launched A New Luxury Scarf Line That Costs RM1,000 Each
Images: @theduckgroup Instagram
Last year, dUCk Scarves took the hijab world by storm when they launched the limited-edition Swarovski-adorned pink KL dUCk Scarves.

Priced at a steep RM800, it indeed created a buzz and of course, some backlash, but they still managed to sell out in just five minutes.

We thought that was the most expensive dUCk Scarf in history and it’ll probably remain that way for a couple of years to come.

But we were wrong.

The boxes does look kind of familiar... Hermes maybe?
On Monday, the luxurious scarf brand dropped a new range of scarf that’s probably the true essence of the brand – the Luxe Basics Silk Monogram dUCk.

Each scarf is made with high-quality silk with rolled hems, with the signature dUCk monogram weaved into the scarf and embellished with the dUCk charm.

Are you guys willing to 'invest' in this scarf?
We dig the nude colours!
The best part? It’s priced at a whopping RM1,000 each and it comes in 11 colours. The new luxury range broke the record for being the most expensive dUCk Scarf to date.

Naturally, some people weren’t too pleased with the hefty price tag. Some also defended the brand by saying that dUCk has a specific target market and if you can’t afford it, it’s just not meant for you.
Well, one scarf costs almost half of our salary, so obviously we’re not their target market too, sobs.

So, dUCkies are you guys willing to splurge on the Luxe Basics range? To purchase them, click here.

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