You Now Have The Power To Demote Another WhatsApp Group Admin If They Get Too Annoying

You can even lock the group info from being edited.

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You Now Have The Power To Demote Another WhatsApp Group Admin If They Get Too Annoying
Image: AndroidPIT
We all have a love-hate relationship with group chats, especially on Malaysia's favourite free messaging application WhatsApp.

The hundreds of messages that enter each chat on a daily basis are enough to drive a person up the wall, if they don't have the chat on mute for some strange reason.

Group admins often hold the power to add someone into the chat or kick somebody out. In some cases, a group chat would have more than one admin in control when things get out of hand.

Now, WhatsApp's latest update allows admins to demote each other of their role and block them from modifying the group's info.

Previously, group admins were only able to remove admin rights from other administrators by selecting the 'Dismiss as admin' option when they click on a fellow admin's name.

With the new update, admins can take their "power" one step further by choosing who can change the group info, such as the subject, icon and description. 

Besides that, there's another good news for those who love sharing and watching videos within the messaging app.

You can now watch videos from Facebook and Instagram more seamlessly in your chats by playing the videos directly on WhatsApp without having to exit the app. 

You can even continue chatting and move to another chat while playing a video. Talk about multitasking!

This feature is only applicable to the mobile app and not WhatsApp Web.

And for Android users, if you were wondering why you don't seem to have these new features on your WhatsApp, you might have to wait a little longer.

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