Check Out These Cool 3D Holographic Raya Greeting Cards From Pos Malaysia

It's now available for sale.

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Check Out These Cool 3D Holographic Raya Greeting Cards From Pos Malaysia

Want to win Hari Raya like a boss? Well, now you can.

Remember the days where we used to send greeting cards via snail mail? It was the most fun thing to do at the time. Then, seasonal greeting cards slowly died off as technology took over and people started sending e-greeting cards instead.

So, our local postal delivery service Pos Malaysia has decided to make sending greeting cards through snail mail cool again!

To do that, Pos Malaysia on Monday revealed their uber cool, ultra futuristic 3D Hologram Hari Raya greeting cards.

Greeting card from the future.
Raya greetings from the future.According to Pos Malaysia, the 3D Hologram greeting card comes in two different designs and two different holographic videos.

The package also comes with a plastic projector for you to play the holographic video, and a pre-fixed 50sen stamp so you can immediately post the card out to your family or your bae.

How thoughtful of them.

Your family will be impressed.
So, how does the hologram work, you ask?

Well, to play the video, you would first have to download the hologram app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

Then, you would need to place the plastic projector on your smartphone screen and voila, the video will play automatically. 

We are a little disappointed that the hologram doesn't work the same way as the one we saw in 'Star Wars', but hey, we're not complaining because it still is kinda cool.

Maybe next year, Pos Malaysia.
The 3D Hologram Hari Raya greeting cards are now available for sale at 400 post offices nationwide, or you could also get them online by clicking here.

Each packet - which contains one hologram card, one plastic projector and a special edition 'Pulang' film postcard - is priced at RM12.

A small price to pay to be the coolest cat this Hari Raya, right? 

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