Balenciaga Releases Ridiculous RM5,000 T-Shirt Shirt Because Why Not?

Because, high fashion.

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Balenciaga Releases Ridiculous RM5,000 T-Shirt Shirt Because Why Not?

We really do not understand high fashion.

We have to hand it to Balenciaga; they sure know how to get people to talk about their ridiculous new products.

This time, the France-based high-end fashion brand has baffled the internet - again! - with their brand new clothing item.

Introducing the T-Shirt Shirt:

Your new baju Raya?Party in the front.
Yup, it looks exactly like what its name suggests: a chequered shirt pinned to the front of a plain indigo T-shirt.

The T-Shirt Shirt made its debut as part of Balenciaga's Autumn 2018 collection.

According to their website, the T-Shirt Shirt is made out of  lightweight breathable poplin in Italy, so rest assured you'll feel like a fool million bucks when you put it on.

Two shirts for the price of one.
There are a couple of ways can wear the T-Shirt Shirt to create a "drape effect": you can either wear the indigo T-shirt and let the shirt drape in front of you, or you could wear the shirt and let the T-shirt cover your back.

It's like reversible clothing, but you get two pieces of baju

So stylo!
Just when you thought the design was ridiculous, wait 'til you hear how much it is selling for!

The T-Shirt Shirt is now available for pre-order on their official website for a jaw-dropping USD1,290 (RM5,153) per piece. Go nuts, fashionistas!

If you're not a fan of Balenciaga's T-Shirt Shirt, you can opt to buy some of the brand's older ridiculous items, such as the Ikea-inspired Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag for a cool price of RM7,985.

Shopping with style.
If the blue hue is a little bit too much for you, you can also opt for their classier black, paper bag-looking tote bag made with calf-skin leather.

This bag will set you back around RM7,852.

The shopping bag for your daily needs.
Or, if you want to exude a more homely appearance, then their Blanket Square XL Bag is the bag for you.

This RM13,046 bag is made out of lambskin, so people won't mistake it for the normal comforter plastic bags you have at home.

Yes, you can put a comforter in it.
To go with your brand new Balenciaga bag, you can match it with these vehicle mud flaps-inspired skirts.

The Car Design Skirt is made out of real leather, and it retails for RM10,073.90. What a steal! 

Can be used as a car mat.
And to complete your look, remember to grab a pair of Balenciaga's Platform Crocs for only RM3,393.

This pair of kicks was designed by the brand's very own designer Demna Gvasalia, and it features limited edition Balenciaga pins on the upper part of the shoes.

In fact, they even made it to last year's Paris Fashion Week!

Nice kicks, sis!
What will the world's fashionistas do without you, Balenciaga?

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