You Can Now Repost Instagram Stories That You're Tagged In

Can we get Taylor Swift to share our stories on hers if we mention her?

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You Can Now Repost Instagram Stories That You're Tagged In
Image: Peter McKinnon / YouTube
You can finally repost someone else's Instagram Stories in a less stalker-ish manner!

But not just any story, so keep your stalker instincts to yourself for now.

Instagram has unveiled a new feature where you can share a photo or video from someone's story as your own when they mention you.

Both nobody tags us in their stories...
So, you no longer have to screenshot your friend's story or trouble them to send the original photo and video to you.

Now, when someone mentions you in their story, you will receive a notification as usual. And on top of that, there will be an extra option for you to add that to your own story.

All you have to do is tap on the story to view it as a sticker and you can then modify the scale, rotate or position, as well as add text and stickers to it. Basically make it your own!

Instagram's new mention sharing feature.
Once you share the story, your followers will be able to see the original poster's username.

However, there is a catch to this - only stories from public accounts can be reposted. So if you have friends who are more private about what they share, then it's back to square one for you lah.

But there is one thing that we can hope for - your favourite celebrities sharing your content onto their own Instagram Stories if you mention them!

That's our secret wish.

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