6 Reasons Why Pizza Should Be The New National Food Of Malaysia


Move aside, nasi lemak!

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6 Reasons Why Pizza Should Be The New National Food Of Malaysia

There’s no party like pizza party.

All this while, there’s been a pretty heated debate when it comes to which dish should be Malaysia’s national food: nasi lemak or roti canai.

While we are fans of both (who doesn’t love nasi lemak or roti canai, right?), we feel that we need to move with the times, you know, choose a dish that resonates well with Malaysians in this modern age.

Now that we have a New Malaysia, we at Rojak Daily would like to propose a new official food: pizza.

If you’re not convinced, here are six reasons why we think pizza should be Malaysia’s official food:

#1 You can have it anytime of the day

Any time is pizza time.
Just woke up at noon? Have a slice of pizza. Can’t sleep because you’re too hungry? Have a slice of pizza. Want to spite your mom for scolding you after you said you want to have a snack before dinner? Have a slice of pizza. It doesn’t matter what time is it, a slice of pizza is always the answer. The best part? Nobody’s gonna judge you.

#2 Pizza unites us

The more the merrier.
Why go and get all sweaty at the mamak with your kawan-kawan when you can chill in your living room with a box of pizza? There’s no better way to be together-gether with your friends than a pizza party. Like they say, if you don’t fight for the last slice, you’re not real friends.

#3 They have every flavour. Like. Every. Flavour!

The good thing about pizza is, you can have them in every flavour you want. Yes, even those with pineapple slices on them.

#4 It can help you save a lot of money

Two weeks' worth of dinner.
Here’s another good thing about pizza: it’s relatively cheap. Case in point, you can get a personal-sized pizza from Domino’s for only RM5.90! Or if you’re a student who’s always broke, you could get an extra-large pizza and have one slice a day for dinner. See? Cost-saving move.

#5 Pizza comes to you

Pizza understands.
Unlike your usual nasi lemak or roti canai, pizza actually comes to you when you need it to! You don’t have to dress up, drive out and get stuck in the jam just to buy some food; all you need to do is to go online, order your favourite flavour and BOOM! 30 minutes later, it’s at your door step. Also, we feel it’s easier to find a pizza place than a nasi lemak place.

#6 Pizza is everyone’s best friend

Beautiful indeed.
Ask anyone and they’ll most probably tell you that pizza is their favourite food. If they say no, well, then they are wrong. Pizza’s always there for you when you need it: after a break-up, after a long day, when your stomach is growling; they’re always there, no judgement. Never leave us, pizza.

Pizza is bae! 
Now that we’ve got your attention – and your tummy growling, for sure – we would like to introduce you to Domino’s newest pizza: the Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza.

The new flavour was invented after their previous Ssamjeang pizzas received a favourable response from local pizza lovers.

So yeah, you could say that this one is specially made just for you, Malaysians!

Inspired by Malaysians’ love for everything K-pop, the new pizza is loaded with prawns marinated with Italian herbs, tomatoes, seaweed and drizzled with their new secret weapon: the sweet and spicy Ssamjeang sauce!

If you’ve always wished that your pizza is more pedas, the Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza will not disappoint as it reportedly took Domino’s more than six months of research and development to fine-tune the spiciness of the sauce.

Let’s just say you need to have a whole bottle of water with you when you attack the Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza.

For a more value deal, you can also get the Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza through Domino’s 2 Pizza Deal that starts from only RM33. That’s two pizzas loaded with extra cheese!

On top of that, it is also available for the super popular personal-sized Super Tuesday deals, which starts from as low as RM3.90.

For more information, head on over to Domino’s website by clicking here.

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