5 Essential Items You Need To Beat The Hari Raya Heat

Sweaty bodies, melted makeup, and intense thirst are coming for you.

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5 Essential Items You Need To Beat The Hari Raya Heat
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We’re trying to contain our excitement because Hari Raya is just merely hours away! We know everyone (including you) is in the Raya mood and some of you might have already left for your hometown earlier.

Balik kampung is of course one of the highlights of Hari Raya as you get to reunite with your extended family and friends to celebrate this festive occasion and to, of course, enjoy the delectable spread that’s only available once a year (read: lemang and rendang).

Where are you going back for Raya this year?
But, are you really ready to embrace a whole day of celebrating Hari Raya? We’ve compiled a list of essential items you need to not only beat the heat but get you prepared so that you can look like a 10/10 at all times.

Because, who knows, your crush might be coming to your house to beraya with you.

#1 Mini Hand Fan

Make sure you charge them or have enough batteries with you ok.
Meet your fans.
This is one of humankind’s greatest inventions. In the morning, everything feels easy, breezy, and chilly (especially if you take a shower with the air kolam) but come noon, all hell breaks loose.

If your kampung house has an air conditioner, trust us, no matter how low you set it, you’ll still be sweating like a water fountain and if your kampung house doesn’t have one, don’t worry, we feel you; it’s like stepping onto the gates of hell.

This hand-held fan is practically a lifesaver during Hari Raya especially if you’re visiting 10 houses on that day. You can find them for as cheap as RM10 at places like Daiso, Miniso, and electronic shops.

#2 Cotton T-Shirt

Look how comfortable this is!
Unless your Raya outfit is made out of 100 per cent cooling cotton, nobody in their right mind would want to wear their Raya clothes until evening. The feeling of immediately changing into your soft T-shirt is so liberating, you’d feel as free as when Dobby said he’s no longer a house elf. And psst, the bigger the t-shirt, the better.

#3 Wet Tissue

Trust us, you'll NEED this.

Best wipes ever!
Wet tissues should be the mainstay of every girl’s makeup bag. Got rendang marks on your chin? Wet tissue. Smudged makeup needs to be fixed? Wet tissue. Want to get rid of your makeup? Wet tissue. Sweat dripping everywhere? Wet tissue. Oily hands? Wet tissue.

You can easily find them at Watsons, Guardian, or any pharmacy. But we personally like the Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes from Sephora.

#4 Face Mist

Cooling and refreshing.
These are some of the brands that are highly recommended.
If you need a refresher after feeling icky from sweating, your skin will thank you for this. There are tonnes of face mists in the market, you can get the super cooling thermal spring water or the ones with some hydrating and calming ingredients that’ll freshen you up in a spritz.

We recommend Avene’s Thermal Spring Water from any pharmacy and Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater available on Sephora.

#5 Lots of Iced Drinks

The best thirst quencher!
Stock up bags of ice in your fridge because the thirst is going to be real! After catching up with all your makciks and pakciks the whole day, all your throat wants to do by then is to bathe in ice. Carbonated drinks and ice are a staple in each house, and if you ever run out, it’ll definitely drive you crazy!

So, what other essentials do you use to get through the heat each Hari Raya? Share your recommendations with us in the comment section below.

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