We Rate The Top 10 Most Annoying Elevator Habits

Like, can't some people stop doing this?

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We Rate The Top 10 Most Annoying Elevator Habits
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Going up? We meant your stress level, not the elevator.

Using the elevator can feel even more claustrophobic than being in a confined space (mind blown!). There’s just so many annoying things going on that it makes you suffocate in your own frustration.

We feel you. That’s why we’ve asked around and tadaa!! We’ve rated the top 10 most annoying elevator habits.

Hopefully, this reminds us and everyone else to be better users.

1) People who don’t bother saying thank you when you hold the door or do them a favour by pressing their floor button

Hey, you're welcome!
Seriously, why are we even complaining about children without manners when grown-ups don’t seem to have them either? You’d expect that being in the working world comes complete with having courtesy and what not. Sadly, that’s wishful thinking.
Of course, the button doesn’t weigh a million pounds and it literally takes just a second to press it. But still, whoever helped press the button was doing a favour. There’s been price hikes but we’re pretty sure saying thank you is still free. It still is, right? (holding breath in suspense).

2) People who insist on using their smartphones even though there’s barely space to hold out the gadget in a crowded elevator

Clearly that's more important. 
Maybe if it’s actually controlling the elevator, people won’t be so annoyed. Problem is, it isn’t. The only thing that smartphone seems to be controlling is the sense of consideration.

In a crowded elevator, occupants barely have space to stand comfortably. So having someone sticking out their hand with fingers dancing away on the smartphone really isn’t helping. That status update, the Instagram story and the latest gossip in the WhatsApp group can wait.
Perhaps not this bad…but still… 

3) People who don’t hold the “open” button despite standing right beside the button panel

What they probably look like.
The elevator is clearly a communal space. Unfortunately, not everyone has a sense of community. We mentioned earlier a lower-ranking annoying habit (yes, the no-thank-you kind of people). Seems like that has a twin of sorts. Some elevator users are just in their own world. So much so that they’re either standing there doing nothing or glued to their phone.
Come on, if you’re going to do that, do everyone a favour and choose a spot away from the button. Some elevator doors close super quickly when the “open” button isn’t held. So that kind of I’m-too-busy-to-hold-the-door-for-you attitude can actually be hazardous.

4) People who take too long to decide whether or not to enter the elevator (due to rather limited space), making the occupants wait unnecessarily

Answer. The. Question.
It isn’t brain surgery. You either get in or you wait for the next ride up or down. Considering that some people are racing against time for their next meeting and some might be in a hurry for a toilet visit, indecisiveness should be the last thing that occurs.

It’s not that hard to take a quick scan and assess if that elevator can fit more people. Again, it’s not brain surgery. Don’t keep people waiting. 

5) People whose backpacks are taking up space but they don’t bother taking it off their back and hold it by their sides to make more room

Sorry, coming through!
This might also happen on the train or bus. It’s not a crime to have a huge bag, maybe there’s a giant egg in it or a gold-plated melon. But it is annoying to have the bag “shove” people in the elevator.

Clearly we don’t have eyes at the back of our heads so there’s no telling if the backpack is pushing its way against other occupants. It wouldn’t hurt to have it held by the sides. Not only would that stop the shoving, it might even free some space for more people. 

6) People who don’t pay enough attention and press the wrong floor, causing the elevator to stop unnecessarily at that floor

Guess we'll die in here then.
It’s funny how using the elevator is one of the most effortless things in the world but yet it can also be one of the most annoying experiences. Imagine using it in a skyscraper, where you need to wait patiently before arriving at your floor. The more occupants there are, the more stops there will be.

So, this accidental pressing of the wrong floor buttons is really making that ride longer for no reason. It’d be good to focus for two seconds when pressing the button to avoid pressing the wrong floor. 

7) People who don’t bother making space for those standing behind them even when several occupants have exited the elevator, freeing up more space 

Life motto.
Unless there’s an elevator which glues the feet to the floor, it really is super possible to move forward when there’s extra space. The idea that some occupants could just ignore the empty space in front of them and continue standing close to those behind them is beyond us.

What happened to personal space? Gone to outerspace?

8) People who don’t bother queueing, walking right into the elevator the moment the door opens

 Guess we'll just stay here then.
We know, we know. There’s no line in front of the elevator. No “Please Q” sign. But that argument isn’t relevant anymore, is it? People dump rubbish right under the sign that says “No Rubbish”. And some park their cars right in front of a “No Parking” sign. So spare us that excuse.
Even if the elevator is completely empty, it would be courteous to let whoever who was there first to enter. And when it’s almost full? It’s an unspoken crime to rush in and basically steal that spot from the person who has been waiting for the elevator. Unless it’s 'The Amazing Race', cutting the invisible queue is sooooooo uncivilised.

9) People who are too engrossed in their conversation that they fail to notice when someone behind them says “excuse me” to exit the elevator

Can hear nothing.
It’s amazing how much conversation can be done in an elevator. Bravo to being resourceful in using time. But seriously, let’s not start an elevator talk show where the only two people being paid attention to are the talker and the listener.

Often, there will be people behind you who’ll need to get out. So why not be observant and be ready to make way when the door opens? Better still, step out of the elevator to make it more convenient for the person exiting, then walk right back in. 

10) People who talk loudly in the elevator

Ever wondered why the elevator has no amenities like F&B or a chair to sit? That’s because it’s simply used to get people up or down the building in, ideally, a few minutes.

So, another question. Would it kill to embrace silence for those few minutes? Okay, okay. Even if there’s a need to talk, there’s certainly no need to talk loudly.

Turns out many people out there don’t appreciate people who happily share their private conversations with strangers. Amplifying the volume just makes it worse. Maybe thinking of the elevator as a library might help. Shhhhh!

Phew…that was quite a list! We’re hoping that this would help shape the society into a healthier community. Yeah, perhaps this might not do much in changing the world but it could change the little world in the elevator.

How about this…let’s all do our part and be courteous. Make it contagious. If laughter is, we don’t see why good habits like that can’t be just as contagious.

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