80s Babies, Are Your Wallets Ready For The Official Voltron Lego Set?

Because it's coming...

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80s Babies, Are Your Wallets Ready For The Official Voltron Lego Set?
Image: Lego

Take lah, take all our money!

You know how, on certain days, you keep telling yourself that you have no money and that you should stop wasting it on not-so-important things?

Well, today's not that day because Lego has officially announced that they will be bringing Voltron to life.

That's right: an official Voltron Lego set is coming really, really soon.

Soon, in Lego form!
The Voltron set, which is based on the beloved 1984 animated series, is part of Lego's fan-petitioned Lego Ideas products. 

And boy, this playset is HUGE! The Voltron Lego set contains a whopping 2,321 pieces, easily making it one of the biggest robot products Lego has ever made.  

When you put the whole thing together, it will stand approximately 15-inches (38cm) tall. You're probably gonna need a new cabinet to display this bad boy.

Even the box is cool as heck!

Ready to defend your desk.Of course, the playset features all five iconic lions that form Voltron - Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. You can transform the lions into the parts necessary to form the giant robot.

Not only that, you'll also get Voltron's Blazing Sword and Shield in the box.

Buy five free one.According to Lego, the head and arms are fully articulated, so yes, you can do some power poses with the playset.

What's the point of buying an expensive Lego set when you can't make it pose like one of your French girls, right?

Pose with it all you want.Well, speaking of expensive, you would need to fork out a little bit of money to bring the Defender of the Universe home.

The Voltron Lego set is priced at USD180 (RM727) and will be available for sale starting 1 August on the official Lego website.

We wonder if Lego accepts kidneys as a form of payment.

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