The Next iPhone May Have The Same Charging Port And Cable As Android Phones

So… is Apple planning to be more like Android?

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The Next iPhone May Have The Same Charging Port And Cable As Android Phones
Image: Android Authority
If there’s anything that Apple fanboys are trying to do to make sure that their phones are far more superior than their ‘rivals’ Android users, it’s definitely the different features that an iPhone has compared to an Android.

But that may change soon as it is been rumoured that the next iPhone’s new feature may or may not (probably the latter) sit well with die-hard fans of Apple.

It was rumoured that the next generation of iPad and iPhone may feature a USB-C charging port, the same type that all latest Android models have.

But what about us lightning cable users...?
Leaked photos
of a prototype of an Apple 18W charging brick shows that it has a USB-C connection.

It is said that the USB-C charger charges devices faster than other USB cables and can be inserted both ways.

MacBook Pro owners can also soon plug in their iPhones seamlessly to their laptops without the need of an additional cable as the latest MacBook Pro is equipped with the USB-C charging port.

Do you own this version of the MacBook Pro?
Apple has yet to comment on this rumour so we’ll just have to wait until they decide to address it. Or who knows, they might just drop the bombshell during the next iPhone launch.

So, both Apple and Android users, what do you think of this news if it turns out to be true? Personally, we love the idea of it because it means that we can borrow anyone’s charger after this without asking if that person is an Android or Apple user.

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