Here Are Our Favourite Fashion Inspirations From Good Vibes Festival 2018

Malaysians have great taste in fashion!

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Here Are Our Favourite Fashion Inspirations From Good Vibes Festival 2018
Over the weekend, Good Vibes Festival 2018 (GVF2018) took over their homeground at The Ranch, Gohtong Jaya in Genting Highlands with two whole days of good music and good vibes.

The festival attracted more than 15,000 people to an incredible lineup of Malaysian and international acts spread across four stages, including Lorde, Alt-J, SZA, The Neighbourhood, Atimet and The Kawan Band, Noh Salleh, Kyoto Protocol, and many more.

The weather was perfect throughout the weekend.
Although GVF2018 is done and dusted, one of the best things that often linger for days, weeks or even months after a music festival (especially on social media) is the OOTDs.

In a country where festival fashion is still fresh and new, the style and creativity of Malaysian festival-goers continue to impress us year after year.

After scrolling through Instagram for the past couple of days (we believe #GVF2018 posts has been flooding your feed as well), we identified a few looks that we think will inspire your outfit for your next festival.

Some of them might even help you figure out what to wear for a weekend day out!

The forest princess.What we love: The forest green colour perfectly fits the venue and of course, the staple item at festivals, flower crown.

The mask.What we love: The headgear! In case you were wondering if he could see through that big head, yes he could.

Every guy in a floral shirt.What we love: The shirt. We kid you not, we spotted at least one in three guys sporting shirts either with floral or leafy patterns, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Here are some examples of more similar prints:

You can't go wrong with prints.

You can find shirts like this almost everywhere.

It goes with any kind of pants.

It pairs well with denim too.

Now, let's move on to more OOTDs.

Speaking of denim.
What we love: Who said denim on denim doesn't work? We especially love the patches on her top. It looks almost DIY-ed, doesn't it?

And they were all yellow.
What we love: All the yellow would definitely stand out wherever you go. It's the best colour to make a statement!

There is so much going on here but we love it.
What we love: The  sarong and that fishnet face mask! We love that she mixes so many elements together yet each piece seems to go well with one another so effortlessly.

You can be modest yet stylish.
What we love: The monochrome theme despite all the layers makes the perfect modest fashion look. It also stands out among all the colours at the festival!

Prints are all the rage.
What we love: The two-piece item that looks almost like a one-piece playsuit when you look at it from a distance.

Hi, Alicia Amin!
What we love: This cheongsam inspired piece that Alicia Amin is wearing is to die for!

More fishnet looks.
What we love: It's never too hot to wear something like this in our Malaysian weather, especially up in Genting Highlands.

The one who rocked the traditional wear.
What we love: When everyone is trying to bring their best festival fashion game, it's fun to see someone show off their best traditional piece!

Lady in red.
What we love: Her necklace and silver and gold removable face tattoos tie the whole look together.

So shiny.
What we love: When you run out of ideas, anything shiny will do. And would you just look at her face makeup and body paintings! This outfit brings life to any festival.

Your Highness.What we love: We need that headpiece! We also love how she matches her makeup with the rest of the red in her look.

Just keep layering.
What we love: The pastels bring a certain calming vibe to the place.

What is the first thing you see?
What we love: It's not winter, but who cares? That snow cap is a statement on its own.

Need a jumpsuit, now!
What we love: Playsuits and jumpsuits are all the rage these days. So, what better place to wear them to than a music festival? We especially love the army green tone of this particular piece.

More playsuits!
What we love: Floral prints and one-piece items, a simple yet powerful combination for outdoor festivals.

Sporty chic.
What we love: Sporty equals comfy. And comfort is all you need at a festival like this.

What we love: Her scarf is every hijabister's dream.

This works for school too!
What we love: This skirt goes with almost any kind of top and we like that she decides to go with a basic tee.

Flowy is lovely.What we love: Who doesn't love a flowy maxi dress? They are so liberating, you can stand, dance, run or sit however you want!

Those white boots look a bit too clean.
What we love: Festival fashion or pajamas? Either way, he is rocking this one.

Legs for days.
What we love: All eyes on her printed pants! Now you know how to make yourself look extra tall.

All in all, Malaysia has come a long way since we were first introduced to arts and music festivals. Over the years, we start seeing people becoming more expressive in the way they dress, especially at an event like GVF2018.

It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of festivals or not, it is refreshing to see the number of fashionistas here growing in leaps and bounds. We look forward to more amazing looks next year!

Which OOTD is your favourite look from GVF2018? If you have something else you love that isn't featured here, do share with us!

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