5 Absolutely Gorgeous Beaches In Asia That No One Talks About

Up your beach getaway game, boys and girls.

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5 Absolutely Gorgeous Beaches In Asia That No One Talks About

Life is such as beach.

Here's the thing about beach holidays: you're itching to go on one, but the ones you would like to go to are either 1) infected with these little creatures called human beings or 2) temporarily closed down (we are looking at you, Boracay!).

But what if we told you that there are a couple beaches out there that are as beautiful - if not more - but minus the crowd?

With the help from our friends at Airbnb, here's a list of 'hidden' and not-so-mainstream beaches that you need to visit, like, right now!

#1 Koggala, Sri Lanka

Perfect sunset spot.
The perfect place to chill.A small coastal town, Koggala is located at the edge of alagoon on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Koggala is an absolutely gorgeous place, as it is bounded on one side by a reef, and on the other by a large lake known as Koggala Lake.

From beachside fun to cultural attractions, there's just so much for you to do and see at Koggala.

Did we hear a family trip?
If Sri Lanka is a place you've always wanted to visit, Airbnb recommends Villa Serendipity, a stylish five-bedroom villa on the most serene setting of Koggala Lake. The beach is just a couple of minutes away, so it's the perfect place for you if you're into long walks and stuff.

Bonus: you might just be able to spot a whale out in the ocean if you're lucky.

#2 Pingtung, Taiwan

Truly a well hidden place.
Take in the view.
When someone mentions Taiwan, all we think about is their street food and the bustling city of Taipei. That is why people rarely mention Pingtung, a small city located between the western coast and the eastern mountain range on the Pingtung Plain.

Pintung is home to several serene beaches, namely the Kenting National Park and the White Sand Bay. There are tonnes of fun to be had on these beaches, like checking out their famous rock formation called Xiao Liu Qiu or visiting one of the nearby waterfalls.

If you love surfing, then you're in luck as Pingtung boasts one of the best surfing spots in the whole of Taiwan.

Can our house be like this?
As for accomodation, you should check out the Hengchun Township House. This super classy, extra minimalistic home is located just 15 minutes away from the White Sand Bay.

If you're one of those people who like taking tonnes of pictures for the 'gram, this is one location that will surely drain your phone's battery in no time.

#3 Motobu-chō, Okinawa, Japan

Ocean as far as the eye can see.
We're a sucker for pristine beaches.If you want to visit a Japanese town not called Tokyo or Osaka, may we suggest Motobu-chō? Located in Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Motobu-chō is one of the most underrated towns in the whole of Japan.

There are several beautiful islands surrounding Motobu-chō, namely Minna-jima and Sesoko, and you know what that means? It means that there are lots of beautiful beaches you could lounge around in. If you're a fan of snorkelling, there's no better place to do that than here.

Can we stay here forever, please?To complete your whole 'chill out' vibe, booking a stay at the Kariyushi Home is a must. This beach-facing home is located in the heart of Motobu town and just a stone's throw away from the island of Minna-jima. From its description, you can "expect secluded and white sandy beaches for miles on end".

Okay, we're sold!

#4 Nusa Penida, Bali

Just check out this amazing view!
We love long walks on the beach too.
Bali is already a seaside paradise as it is, but if you really want to get away from the crowd, Nusa Penida is the place to be. The small, gorgeous island is situated southeast of Bali, and the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Nusa Penida is flanked by two islands: Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. These three islands are home to several popular dive sites due to its never-ending coral sites. You definitely need to pay Nusa Penida a visit if you're a hard core diver.

Luxurious cottages for the luxurious you.
Batan Sabo Cottage was built to take full advantage of the beauty Nusa Penida has to offer. The cottage's private balcony ensures that you have a front row seat to the all the best sunsrises and the sunsets. If you're not convinced yet, the hosts say that you're just steps away from swimming with the manta rays at Crystal Bay.

#5 Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

In between a beautiful place, and a gorgeous one.Perfect for sight-seeing.We're not gonna lie; Phuket is a little bit hard to navigate due to it being a super popular tourist spot. But if you want some quiet time and some beautiful white sandy beaches, Nai Harn Beach is the answer to your prayers.

This not-so-mainstream beach is tucked away south of Phuket island, in between tiny hills and little islands. Nai Harn Beach has been described as more laidback compared to other more touristy spots on the island, which is why it's extremely popular with locals.

Trees and lots of trees.
The French-Colonial styled Nai Harn Villa is just the villa you and your family needs for a perfect and quiet vacation.

The villa is parked inside a lush rainforest and according to their website, it's a quick stroll away from Nai Harn’s pristine crescent-shaped beach. Really, there's no better place to chill out with your loved ones than at this villa.

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