Find Out How Much Time You Spend On Facebook And Instagram Every Day

How addicted are you to scrolling?

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Find Out How Much Time You Spend On Facebook And Instagram Every Day
Image: Wall Street Journal
Do you ever ask yourself how much time you spend on Facebook and Instagram every day?

Last week, it was reported that Malaysians can't give up their phones for even one day.

Apart from texting and checking messages on WhatsApp, we can bet that the remaining time is spent aimlessly scrolling between those two apps.

​We find it so easy to just sit on our beds at night and scroll incessantly. And the next thing you know, one hour has gone by.

Sometimes, you just can't stop scrolling.
But we've never consciously calculated how long we actually stay on Facebook and Instagram each time because we would feel embarrassed after finding out the actual statistics.

Until now.

Facebook and Instagram are rolling out some new features that inform you about your daily and weekly time spent on the mobile apps, allow you to set a reminder and daily cut-off time within the platforms and temporarily mute your push notifications.

Do you have the self-control for this?But the features don't exactly function like a virtual assistant. Once your allocated cut-off time is up, the apps would still be running, it won't shut down by itself.

So, here is where you need to exercise some self-control to exit the apps for real once you've spent enough time on them.

You can find the new tools under Settings by selecting 'Your Time' on Facebook and 'Your Activity' on Instagram.

How addicted are you?
These features are designed to help users feel that the time spent on Facebook and Instagram are well-spent.

However, this new addition is not available on the Facebook Messenger and IGTV apps, nor is it accessible on desktop yet.

"We want people's time (online) to be intentional and meaningful -- that's actually good for the business," Facebook head of communications Gretchen Sloan said, as reported by CNN.

If you still don't see the new features on your apps, don't panic. They will be released to users globally within the next few weeks, all you need to do is update your Facebook and Instagram apps from time to time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think spending less time on social apps is better in the long run?

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