Some Of The Coolest Cosplayers We Spotted At The AsiaPOP Comicon

How many can you recognize?

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Some Of The Coolest Cosplayers We Spotted At The AsiaPOP Comicon
We recently attended AsiaPOP Comicon which in case you aren't aware, is South East Asia's largest comic convention thanks to Netflix (read all about our experience HERE) and besides the celebrity guests from your favourite TV shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the mad selection of collectibles and comics and all the fun activities, cosplay made up a huge part of the entire three-day event. While we didn't have a chance to check out ALL the amazing cosplayers who attended the event (what with the first day being spent interviewing Netflix stars (sigh, poor us right?) and us flying back on the third day) the ever constant supply of people clad in highly interesting and intricate costumes was just too tempting to resist. Here are some of our favourite cosplayers we stalked spotted at APCC. Can you recognize 'em all? 

Marvel's The Defenders

Morrigan from Capcom's Darkstalkers series

Moon Moxxi from Borderlands

Ninja Batman

Loki, Hela and Thor

No Introduction Needed

Aquaman and Ms. Marvel

Daft Punk


Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Tony Stark

Rorschach from Watchmen

Steampunk Batman

If you'd like to check out more awesome cosplayers who were at this year's APCC, go ahead and visit their official Facebook page HERE

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