5 Simple Hacks To Transform Your Boring Bedroom Into A Cool One


You don’t need to spend a lot to upgrade your bedroom

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5 Simple Hacks To Transform Your Boring Bedroom Into A Cool One
Image: Hypebeast

It’s time you pimp up your bedroom.

The bedroom is where the magic happens, so it only makes sense that you have one that you could lock yourself in and not leave for six days.

But we know how sometimes having a really cool bedroom is out of your hands; you could have inherited your room from your older siblings, or your room is too small to do anything, or you do not have the money to renovate it (#relatable).

What bedrooms are for.
What if we told you that you don’t have to spend a bomb to overhaul your bedroom?

Here are some useful hacks as well as affordable furniture you can get to turn your bedroom into an absolute dream space:

#1 Your very own DIY bedside lamp

One of a kind, thank you very much.
Nobody has time for boring table lamps. If you have a plain white table lamp, all you need to make it truly yours is a stencil, some water colour (or colour pencils) and your imagination. Draw whatever design you like on the lamp shade, give it a good colour and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bedside lamp.

To make it even more unique, get your kids (or your friend’s kids, if you’re still single like some of us here) to design something for you. We can guarantee that your friend Jennifer will not have the same night lamp as you.

We recommend:

Light up your creativity.
JÄRA lamp shade
IKEA’s JÄRA lamp shade table lamp has a solid white shade that you could easily turn into your canvas. Not only that, once your masterpiece is ready, you could turn the lamp shade into a table lamp by pairing it with a lamp base you found at the flea market or you could hang it and turn it into a hanging lamp. Like we said above, the limit is your imagination. 

#2 Multiply the number of windows in your bedroom

Guess which mirror is real.
Besides showing you your handsome/pretty face, having mirrors in your bedroom will make it look more spacious and a little bit brighter. If you place a mirror on a wall opposite or adjacent to a window, natural light will bounce off the mirror and instantly make your bedroom look lighter.

And as a bonus, the mirror will also mimic a window, making it seem like you have more windows in your room. You can now fool yourself into thinking that you have a bigger, window-filled corner room.

We recommend:

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
The thing we love about this mirror is that it’s highly customisable. You can hang the mirrors in many ways: three or more together, in pairs or on their own; the limit is your imagination (or when you run out of money and wall space).

#3 Your very own unique jewellery holder

If you have them, flaunt them.
Putting all your jewellery into a clear jewellery case is so 1990s. You can make your own unique jewellery holder using…picture frames! Yup, you heard us right! It takes a bit of work, we admit, but at the end of the day, you’re going to get a cool, one-of-a-kind display for your pricey jewellery.

All you need is to find a small to medium-sized picture frame, some thumb tacks and voila, you have an uber cool jewellery display. If you have a little bit more time on your hand, you could use strips of ribbons for a more sophisticated look. Here’s a pretty handy guide.

We recommend:

More boxes, more jewellery.
VAXBO frame
The best thing about Ikea’s VAXBO frame is that you have eight small spaces to hang your jewellery on. For the guys, you could use it as a display for your little Lego figurines. The frame is made of durable plastic, so you could paint them according to the colour of your bedroom (or your soul, if you’re an emo person).

#4 A ‘junk bowl’ is a must in the bedroom

Have a bowl of junk.
Everyone has junk and clutter in their bedroom, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. The problem with junk is, you sometimes have a use for them but you have nowhere to put them. This is when a ‘junk bowl’ comes in handy.

As its name suggests, a ‘junk bowl’ is, well, a bowl for all your junk. Find yourself a huge bowl (preferably a wooden or plastic one to avoid breaking it when you accidentally bump into it in the middle of the night) and throw all your receipts, car keys, business cards, Domino’s voucher and your hopes and dreams into it. It is the perfect place for all your things to go away, but also, not go away.

We recommend:

Buy ten, 'cos it's so cheap!
The OFTAST bowl is made from tempered glass, so you know it’s durable enough to hold all your junk. Also, another plus point is that it’s super cheap; it’s only priced at RM2.70, so it’s easily replaceable if you break one.

#5 A ‘trophy cabinet’ for all your sneakers

Display your trophies
If your hobby is collecting sneakers and occasionally taking them out of the box to admire them, save yourself some trouble by building yourself a ‘trophy cabinet’. If you’re blessed with abundant bedroom space, find a space to mount your trophy cabinet.

There are many ways to display the sneakers you bought with your hard-earned money: you could buy an open ready-made cabinet or you could build your own using Ikea’s wall shelf. It’s totally your call, bruh!

We recommend:

One box for every occasion.
SKUBB Shoe box 
If you’re not comfortable leaving your sneakers vulnerable to dust and – gasp! – lizards, the SKUBB shoe boxes will provide your sneakers with all the protection they need. The mesh allows air to circulate around your shoes and makes it easy to see which pair you have inside. Win-win situation, if you ask us.

In case you haven’t noticed, the products we mentioned above are, yes, from everyone’s favourite ready-to-assemble furniture store Ikea…and you could get them with just a click of the button!

That’s right; IKEA’s online store is now open and you could browse through hundreds (if not thousands) of items without the need to leave the comfort of your couch.

From curtains and bedsheets to storage boxes and magazine stands, there’s definitely something you need from the online store.

For more information and a full list of products, head on over to

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