4 Reasons Why You Should Get The Merdeka dUCk, The Most Patriotic Scarf Ever

Have you gotten your hands on this limited edition scarf?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get The Merdeka dUCk, The Most Patriotic Scarf Ever
Our 61st Independence Day celebration is just hours away, so where will you be celebrating it?

Regardless of where or when you’ll be celebrating – at the strike of midnight, one thing’s for sure; you’ll be participating in a joyous, historical moment.

And to prep yourself for that day, you need to think of the patriotic outfit you'll be rocking. Be it your traditional clothing, or something modern and vibrant that symbolises the Malaysian spirit, we have something that we think will compliment your outfit.

dUCk Scarves has recently launched a limited edition Merdeka dUCk range in conjunction with our National Day. Honestly though, we're disappointed they didn't name it the Mer-dUCk-a scarf.

The collection comes in five gorgeous shades and was inspired by our traditional batik.

If you're still not sold, here are four other reasons why you should get the Merdeka dUCk scarf.

#1 If It’s Limited Edition, You’ve Got To Have It

Which colour tickles your fancy?
Let’s be real, anything limited edition from dUCk is the equivalent to a limited-edition shoe release that’s highly valued and sought-after. Once this dUCk is sold out, trust us; some people will be green with envy upon seeing you rocking it 'cause they know they can’t have it.

#2 Embodies The True Malaysian Spirit

Look how beautiful the boxes are!
Those little duckies are so cute!
The Merdeka dUCk was inspired by our heritage: the traditional batik sarong. We love the modern take of the batik on the scarf and how they’ve managed to retain the traditional elements in it. The classic pucuk rebung motif paired with the batik cracking technique beautifully compliments the Malaysian map filled with batik prints. To top it off, a cute trail of ducks can be seen ‘wandering’ around the scarf.

We dare say this is by far one of the best designs dUCk has ever produced. It illustrates some maturity in their collection over the years. 

#3 Five Hues In Five Beautiful Names

Can we have them all?
If you’re an avid fan of dUCk Scarves, you’d know by now that they love naming their scarves after food (probably because that’s all they think about, just like us) and usually have a pastel or vibrant colour palette. But for this limited edition Merdeka collection, they’ve given some classier and evergreen names – Rimba, Senja, Bumi, Bunga, and Langit. Yay to more darker hue scarves!

#4 Wear Your Batik Proud

We hope they'll make more batik-inspired scarves after this.
Seeing an actual traditional batik cloth or pattern being turned into a scarf is something of a rare sighting in Malaysia, so we’re glad that dUCk actually stepped up and produced something that’s not only pleasing to the eyes, but also close to our hearts. Batik should be a classic staple in your wardrobe, so this scarf should too.

The Merdeka dUCk is sold for RM300 each and the collection is available online at or at all Fashion Valet stores. You can also find them at The dUCk Store in KLCC or Pavilion.

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