Sugar Rush: There's Now A Desserts-Themed Selfie Museum In Malaysia!

Perfect for your 'gram!

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Sugar Rush: There's Now A Desserts-Themed Selfie Museum In Malaysia!

Prepare your sweet tooth.

There's nothing Malaysians love more than food, taking lots of pictures on their phones and flexing on Instagram (tsk, millenials!), so why not combine all three things, right?

That's exactly what happened, boys and girls.

Local company Selfie has just launched Malaysia's first ever food-themed museum called Selfie Museum, and boy, they're making us hungry just by looking at the pictures!

The Selfie Museum, located at Fahrenheit 88, is actually pretty big -- more than 7,000 sqft in size, in case you were wondering -- and it features nine desserts-inspired interactive rooms where you can take all the selfies you want.

According to Sean Tan, Director of the Selfie Museum, these rooms were created to "bring Malaysians from all walks of life together to create special moments and memories."

Yup, nothing brings Malaysians together more than yummy food.

The rooms in the Selfie Museum -- each adorned with thematic quirky, colourful sculptures and decor -- are sponsored by some of our favourite international and local brands such as Samsung, Pandora, dUCk Scarves and Lingham Chili Sauce.

Take a virtual tour of the nine rooms below:

#1 The Giant Cakes Room by Pandora

This room displays a variety of colourful giant cake sculptures. Visitors will also get to choose a complimentary cupcake with a local flavour twist; sirap or Gula Melaka.

#2 Everything’s Sweet Room by Benefit Cosmetics

Filled with eye-catching candies and dessert sculptures, this room adds a pop of colour in photos. Visitors will also get to enjoy soft and fluffy corn or lychee marshmallows as they walk through the beautiful “Fluffy Path” to the next room.

#3 Fluffy Path Room

Welcome to the fluffy path – this room is about the very moment of happiness, after a long day of celebrations and laughter!

#4 Ice-Cream World Room by Baskin Robbins

The room presents a delicious life-size Baskin Robbins ice cream cone and to make your visit to this room more memorable, visitors will receive a free scoop of Baskin Robbins Cold Brew Crunch or Cotton Candy ice cream. Yay!

#5 dUCkies Café Room by dUCk Scarves

An Insta-perfect café setting with a life-size ikat tepi Teh Ais. This room is ideal for everyone to take wefie photos together.

#6 Rainbow Room

A magical life-size unicorn is the star of this super colourful rainbow room. Take a selfie with the adorable unicorn after its meal of yet another Insta-worthy life-size durian sculpture!

#7 Super Happiness Room by SAMSUNG Galaxy

Here is where visitors can go ba-na-nas and jump onto a life-size banana to take photos. The room also has three zones featuring different interactive experiences with the latest SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+.

#8 Splash Lab Room by TeaLive & llaollao

A perfect combination of bubble-tea and yogurt inspired room. This room showcases a life-size sculpture of your favourite Malaysian bubble tea drink with giant pearls too! Visitors will receive a refreshing complimentary cup of Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly to quench their thirst.

#9 Do-Nut-Stop Room by Hotlink

Get a sugar rush photo moment amongst life-size donuts in this room. Visitors will also receive a free local flavoured tart; a choice of coconut or banana – so delicious, it’s sure to make you do-nut-stop savouring each bite.

The Selfie Museum will officially open for business on 31 August, all the way up until 28 February 2019.

Tickets are priced at RM45 for adults and RM30 for children below 12 (you can get them here), and once you're inside, you'll be receiving a total of five free desserts such as sirap cupcakes, Tealive bubble tea and Baskin Robbins ice cream, just to name a few.

That itself is worth the admission price, if you ask us.

So, gather all your dessert-loving fans and go fill up your Instagram feed, boys and girls.

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