Art Lovers, Check Out Penang's Latest Gorgeous Art Lane!

This could be your next Instagram spot.

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Art Lovers, Check Out Penang's Latest Gorgeous Art Lane!
Artworks instantly brighten up any space, so imagine a 400ft long lane filled with artistic ingredients.

Known as Art Lane, it's the brainchild of China House, a restaurant-cum-gallery, located a few doors away.

What was once rundown prewar shophouses, with not even the slightest shred of aesthetic value, today thrives with visually-arresting arts. The lane opened its doors earlier this year with an aim to be a launchpad for young artists and talents to showcase their passion and skills without having to fork out a fortune or go through the wringer for empty walls permits.

Over time, it has already garnered a loyal following of both locals and tourists.

Definitely Instagram-worthy.

When cats and flowers unite in harmony.

Walls blanketed by creative drawings.

A beautiful mural.
Upon stepping in, it’s tough not to give a second look at the murals and artworks that grace up the walls. So much so that, you’ll need to stroll and scroll through a few times to take in the little details.

For instance, there’s a large mural comprising little figurines - 189 dogs, five humans and a single cat. Good luck spotting the latter.

Sketches of cartoons and comic characters, handmade postcards, knick-knacks made from recycled items, a giant pink tank and some antique collections complete the space. 

One of the most talked about murals. Can you spot the only cat?

Attack with love!

One of the many impressive recycled decorations.Not forgetting a segment called “Graffiti Wall” which provides visitors with the freedom to leave their artistic mark.

As with most successful art lanes, some artworks would be given expiration dates, eventually to be replaced by more defining ones. So with every visit, you may spot something fresh and interesting. 

Many have already left their mark impressively.
And where there are artists and like-minded attendees, there are definitely workshops!

During the Art Lane Fest that took place last week, a diverse spread of workshops and activities got all walks of life having a good time.

There were watercolour illustrations, pet portraits, yoga and Reiki healing sessions, macrame, paper 3D art and a lot more.

Equally impressive were the products of local entrepreneurs, which have creativity written all over. 

Make your own 3D art with paper.

Kids love creating their own postcards.
To name a few - Biji Biji Initiative, a green-collar social enterprise, displayed assorted bags made from seat belts and reused political banners, while an artisanal apparel brand named MUNI left a sustainable statement with its clothing and bags that are hand dyed with colours extracted from tropical plants.

The beeswax wraps from The Kain Projects were not only eye-catching but also signalled goodbye to plastic cling wraps. Inventiveness aside, they deserve brownie points for their efforts in sustaining the environment too. 

As gorgeous as eco friendly they are.

Bags made from seat belts? Yes, you read that right.

Beautiful concrete pots from Concrete Jungle.Food and beverage weren’t overlooked either, as homemade pastries, Rudy’s Ginger Beer (which is made from local Air Itam ginger) and Kombucha black tea took good care of the taste buds.

The best part is knowing that the lane is expected to get better and better over time.

Symphony of colours and portraits.

The Artisan Bazaar.
Having said that, this upcoming weekend will see Art Lane occupied by artists and talents from Singapore, in conjunction with the Georgetown Festival (GTF). There’s a lot of speculations on-going about a stunning mural collaboration!

A complete artistic package in a single lane, what more could you ask for? Gather your art-loving friends, grab a camera and head to Art Lane this weekend.

For more details on the upcoming events and activities, do follow their Facebook page.

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