This Couple Doesn't Mind Going Hungry To Feed Their 30 Cats

They spend more on their furry family than for themselves.

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This Couple Doesn't Mind Going Hungry To Feed Their 30 Cats
Image: New Straits Times
This couple from Rompin who has been married for 14 years don't have children of their own just yet. But they found another way to grow their not-so-little family.

Mohd Yadzil Mat Yasin and his wife Roshaliza Roslan live in a small town called Kampung Pantai Bernas with some 30 cats under their roof.

Despite the need to provide food and shelter to this many cats of different ages and sizes, the selfless husband and wife would put the animals before their own needs.

We can't imagine what it's like to be surrounded with these furry ones.
"I don't mind if I have to go hungry as long as all my 30 cats have enough to eat everyday. Every month, we spend more than RM1,600 on our cats," Roshaliza told New Straits Times.
She added that the felines need two to three meals every day, sand litter, vitamins and regular visits to the veterinarian clinic to make sure that they're healthy.

Their big family started with only one cat four years ago. Over the years, they began to take care of stray cats, some given by neighbours and even rescued some found by the street sick or injured. 

"We live together like one big family with no problems and these lovable and friendly felines are like substitutes for the children we have yet to be blessed with," Roshaliza said.

"Let my husband and I go hungry, as long as our cats have enough to eat. That is how much we love our cats, we can't even be away from them for more than a day."

Mohd Yadzil, who runs a vehicle workshop in town, is happy to be surrounded by cats and treats them like children of his own without ever feeling burdened.

He also said that most of the adult cats have either been neutered or spayed to prevent uncontrolled breeding.

What a noble couple! Some of us find it challenging to take care of even one pet, let alone 30.

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