If You’re Single And #ForeverAlone, Here Are 6 Of The Best Holiday Destinations For You

Time to cari jodoh!

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If You’re Single And #ForeverAlone, Here Are 6 Of The Best Holiday Destinations For You
Do you always feel like the third wheel whenever you hang out with your friends because you’re the only one without a date or significant other? Do your parents tell you that they’ve given up hope on seeing you walk down the aisle? Even worse, your mom throws shade saying she’s finally come to terms that you’ll probably grow old with 37 cats.

Well, if you answered yes, then your ‘symptoms’ are consistent with the dreaded ‘forever alone’ syndrome.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being single but if you feel like it’s about time to mingle and meet the love of your life, instead of doing it the conventional way, pack up your bags and travel to these single-friendly destinations as suggested by the

#1 Bangkok, Thailand

We love the Siamese temples and architecture!Super insta-worthy photo location!
Our neighbouring country, the land of great tom yam, intricate architecture, and night markets, will be a great start for you to venture out for your little ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ mission.

You can opt to visit in April during the famed Songkran festival, a festival to commemorate the Thai New Year. Thousands of locals and tourists take the streets with water guns and generally have a great time.

Or, you can go between November to January to experience one of Mother Nature’s greatest marvel – the sunflower season swinging in full bloom. Who knows, as you stroll through the golden fields, you might just bump into THE ONE.

#2 Paris, France

Bonjour, Paris!
The city of love and awesome pastries! Although Paris is known as a popular destination for couples, that doesn’t mean that you guys on team #ForeverAlone can’t go there and find love. Paris is bustling with all kinds of cafes and patisseries, from fancy ones to the small quaint ones. So, it’s always a good idea to visit the capital of France and pop by a café alone to read a book and sip some freshly-brewed coffee.

Psst, do you also know that according to a recent survey, 43 per cent of adults in the city are single? Destiny awaits, guys.

#3 Mykonos, Greece

We're obsessed with the pristine white bungalows.
This Greecian paradise is the perfect tropical getaway for singles. The island is popular for its legendary parties, so you can expect to have a good time and possibly bump into a few good future spouse candidates.

Or if you’re not into the whole party scene, you can always opt to chill at a relaxing bar by the beach or explore the iconic white houses adorned with beautiful bougainvilleas around town.

#4 Aruba, Caribbean

OMG look at the sunset! Looks like melted rainbow.
Another tropical option for you to travel to, Aruba caters to all ages but what’s interesting is that there’s plenty of adult-only resorts you can stay at. Dubbed as “the best Caribbean island to visit”, you can expect azure blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and towering coconut trees to greet you upon your arrival.

You can follow guided tours (who knows you’ll meet your jodoh during the tour) or rent a motorbike and traverse the idyllic island.

#5 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Is this real life, or is this fantasy?
Apart from the amazing Dutch waffles, Amsterdam has a lot of spectacular things to offer. From picturesque bridges and canals, to dozens of museums including the Van Gogh museum, there will never be a dull moment there.

Plan your activities, mingle with locals, and if it’s fated to be, love will come your way!

#6 Melbourne, Australia

Mother Nature is amazing.
Australia is one of the most popular places Malaysians choose to migrate to, so if you’ve set your heart or have a dream of settling down there one day, why not? Before doing that, you should make your way to Melbourne to have a taste of one of the “world’s most livable cities”.

Melbourne is rich in culture, offers countless Instagram-worthy street art, friendly locals, and cool hipster cafes. If you love nature, you'll definitely fall head over heels after driving through the Great Ocean Road.

So, which destination do you feel inclined to travel to the most? If you ask us, Amsterdam is the place to be!

Whatever happens, even if you aren't able to meet the love of your life during your travels, at least you'll bring home a tonne of memories and photos!

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