Malaysians Share Their Spine-Chilling Ghostly Encounters At The Office

Before you read, make sure ‘nobody’ else is reading with you as well…

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Malaysians Share Their Spine-Chilling Ghostly Encounters At The Office
October is in full swing and horror fans have been looking forward to this particular month as it is the month of Halloween a.k.a the month of ghostly terrors.

So, to keep the spooky mood going, we’ve compiled a few ghost stories from our fellow scaredy-cat Malaysians.

And if you’re the person who always shrugs off the ‘weird occurrences’ when you're pulling all-nighters in your office, you may not be the same brave person after reading these stories.

*Disclaimer: For the sake of our interviewees' privacy, their names have been changed.

#1 Who Did That?

Have you experienced something similar?
Fifi* had to stay back to get some work done one night, so she decided to take a break and chill at the courtyard nearby her office.

“It was Maghrib (dusk) and my friend and I were just hanging out and chatting when suddenly I felt a strong tap on the back of my shoulder. I asked my friend if it was him or someone we knew, but he strongly denied it.”

“The weird thing was there was only the two of us at the courtyard at that time. So, I decided to just shrug it off as if nothing had happened.”

Well ‘something’ definitely happened because for the next few days Fifi felt a sharp pain on her shoulder to the point that she had to go on medical leave.

An abnormal, paranormal pain.
After the pain lasted for a week, she decided to tell her mom, who then asked her to seek traditional treatment as her motherly instinct suspected something was amiss.

True enough, the ustaz confirmed that ‘something’ that was probably passing or lurking there tapped her shoulder and you could say that it left a lasting impression.

#2 Lights Out

Being alone at the office past midnight is something no one looks forward to.
Harith* is a video editor, so it’s second nature for him to stay overnight at the office to finish editing. His office is the type that uses motion sensor lights to conserve energy, so if there is a person at that area, the lights will automatically turn on.

One night, as he was busy minding his own business and editing his footages, he was startled.

“I was alone and it was past midnight so the office is quite dark except for the area I’m sitting at. It’s quite a big office so you could see something moving from far. My desk was in the middle and suddenly the area in front of me started to light up.”

He told us that each light panel lit up one by one in a dramatic way, as if someone was walking straight at him.

“It was like a scene from the horror movies. Before anything unwanted happens, I quickly took my keys and left the office without even looking back.”

#3 The Graveyard Shift

Never go to the loo alone at night!
A lot of students usually take up part-time jobs post-SPM to fill up their time and earn some pocket money before leaving for university. This was exactly what Ella* did.

Ella worked as a part time phone operator in Seri Kembangan and had to work in shifts. One day, during the night shift, she needed to use the loo. She decided that it’s best to go in a small group since it was past midnight.

“The toilet was located behind the office building. There were three of us and as we were walking there, we saw a black cat passing by. I immediately felt uneasy as if something bad was about to happen,” Ella told Rojak Daily.

“When we reached the toilet, I was the first to go in, and the moment I pushed the door, a HUGE pocong was standing there to ‘greet’ us.”

All three of them saw the paranormal being very clearly and immediately ran for their lives. She resigned a few days later.

“It was so big, I can’t even explain it. I get chills just thinking about the incident.”

#4 Doppelgänger

How creepy it is to have 'something' pretending to be you.
Alexis* previously worked in Bandar Utama and her office was notoriously known to be haunted and one of the supernatural beings that her colleagues often encounter are apparitions that resemble people who works (or worked) there. In other words, doppelgänger ghosts.

One day, while working late at night, one of her colleagues noticed that their friend was still in the office, sitting in front of her computer. It was odd, as she wouldn’t usually stay back that late.

Their friend’s demeanour was a bit off-putting as well, as she sat stiffly with little to no movement and her hair covered her face. Alexis' colleague then decided to make small talk and said “Eh, tak balik lagi ke?” (eh, you’re still here?).

Her reply sent shivers to the both of them, as she spoke in a deep voice and said “Dah tahu kenapa tanya lagi! (if you already knew, why are you still asking!)

The both of them immediately exchanged nervous glances and left her cubicle and pretended the conversation never took place.

“There was also another incident where my colleague was in Sabah for work and I saw ‘him’ at the office. Obviously, that wasn’t him because it wouldn’t be possible,” Alexis recalled.

#5 Possesed

Make sure you say a prayer before coming to work!
It was a a fine afternoon and Ruby* was sitting at her desk doing work when her friend suddenly ran out of her office and immediately grabbed her hand while crying hysterically.

For the next 20 minutes, she tried asking her friend what happened but her friend kept whimpering and refused to say anything.

Everyone in the office decided to isolate her in another room to calm her down. It was then that she plucked up her courage and told Ruby that when she was alone in her office, ‘something’ whispered in her ears and when she turned around, a ghastly large, unexplainable black being with long, black curly hair was standing next to her.

Maybe they should move out and leave the spirit alone...
“Right after she told me that, suddenly she snapped. Her voiced turned deep and she became aggressive. Whatever she described to me not too long ago possessed her,” Ruby told Rojak Daily.

“We decided to call in the ustaz to diffuse the situation and help her. But when he arrived, she started screaming and hitting us. It’s like she has super-strength.”

The underworldly affair went on for some time as ‘it’ refused to leave her body, and even told everyone that they were useless, they ‘took’ its place without its permission, and everyone was disturbing its ‘home’.

The whole episode finally came to an end, and it turns out that the ‘thing’ decided to show itself because Ruby’s colleague could see it and she actually ‘summoned’ it.

When they went to the colleague’s office for some ‘cleansing’ they found a book titled Siri Bercakap dengan Jin (Series of Talking to Spirits) and everything suddenly made sense.

Ohh now we get it.
Have you guys ever had a ghostly encounter at the office or your workplace? Share your stories in the comments section below.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to for more spooky stories, you can read the first part of our office ghost stories series here.

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