Check Out The RM200,000 Underwater Luxury Villa Neelofa Stayed At In The Maldives

Now everyone is super jealous of Neelofa… including us.

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Check Out The RM200,000 Underwater Luxury Villa Neelofa Stayed At In The Maldives
Images: @neelofa Instagram
We dare say that almost everyone in Malaysia knows who Neelofa is.

She's an actress, TV host, entrepreneur, and a business mogul who runs a multi-million hijab business that has expanded to 38 countries. Quite a great feat for someone who’s only 29 years of age.

With her rate of success, it’s no wonder that she’s able to afford all her luxury holiday trips, including her latest one to the land of azure blue waters, the Maldives.

How does she fit that hat in her luggage?
But her trip isn’t your ordinary tropical getaway, it will, in fact, fill you with a sea of jealousy as she stayed at The Muraka, an underwater villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

Photos of her latest escapade went viral because let’s be real, we peasants may never be able to experience her ‘under-the-sea’ vacation.

Maybe she's having a headache looking at her hotel bill?
It was reported that the underwater villa costs a whopping USD50,000 (RM208,150) per night excluding taxes. Wow! Just reading that figure makes us want to drown underwater.

This villa is not opened to the public yet, but she’s reportedly the third person in the world to be able to experience it. The Muraka is slated to launch in November 2018.

So, let’s take a look at what this luxurious oceanic stay has to offer.

Super insta-worthy photo location!
You can brush your teeth with the fishes too.
The underwater villa is apparently the first in the world and comes with a 24/7 butler service and a personal boat to transport you anywhere on the island.

The view? With that hefty price tag, you can sleep in a room surrounded by a plethora of marine life happily swimming around in their natural habitat.

Come to think of it, imagine sleeping alone at night in the dark staring deep into the ocean. Sounds a bit creepy, no?

The hat kind of reminds you of roti canai or papadom.
The view from above the underwater villa.
But during day time, the view is just as equally breathtaking. Be it morning, noon or evening, the place is a tropical paradise. Golden hued colours paint the sky as the sun sets on the calm waters.

If sleeping with the fishes isn’t enough for you, you can also dine at their undersea restaurant, Ithaa. Hmmm, if only the fishes swimming around next to the guests know that their brother or sisters are being turned into a gourmet meal.

Fish are friends, not food.
If you think you’re a crazy rich Asian and can afford to stay here, head on to their website for more info.

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