6 Must Visit Deepavali Bazaars Around The Klang Valley

Get your Deepavali shopping on!

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6 Must Visit Deepavali Bazaars Around The Klang Valley
As Deepavali descends upon us once again, it is time for us to reflect on the merriments that celebrate the destruction of evil and the triumph of goodness.

The festival of lights is celebrated by Hindus all over the world in their own customary ways.

In Malaysia, Deepavali, which falls on 6 November, is never really complete without the pleasure of shopping for new clothes, prayer items or decorative things.

And because we are living in this beautiful shopping haven, we needn’t look far to find the things we need, sometimes all under one roof.

We have listed down several places or festive bazaars that you must visit to get your hands on Indian-themed items. Make sure you drop by the places even if you are not celebrating the festival because the places usually have traditional stuff and yes, Indian delicacies, for everyone.

And with barely two weeks to go, prices will dip down and can even be bargained. So, put on your walking shoes and get prepared to push through the crowds to join the Deepavali bazaars that are already in full swing.

#1 Jalan Masjid India

One last time for this bazaar.
The whole stretch of Jalan Masjid India road will usually be packed with traders selling food, firecrackers, greeting cards, decorative cards and stick on kolam arts at least a month before the festival.

The permanent shops located along the street such as Madras Store and Haniffa Textiles will be selling tonnes of festive clothes and the stores will usually mark down their prices for Deepavali.

Sadly, this year’s Deepavali bazaar will be the last at Jalan Masjid India. If you haven’t heard already, in June this year, former KL Mayor Tan Sri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz had announced that the Ramadan or Deepavali bazaars will no longer be allowed to be held in Jalan Masjid India and its surrounding areas.

Following that, Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad had said this will be the final year the festive bazaar will be held there.

So, for those who want to walk down memory lane or want to experience Deepavali shopping at this iconic location for one last time, head on to Jalan Masjid India today!


#2 Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR)

Also their final swansong.
Just like the Deepavali Bazaar in Jalan Masjid India, this year will be the last time you can catch the festive bazaar in action in Jalan TAR.

The reason is the same. The bazaars were disorganised and illegal traders would often flood the grounds and the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) are not pleased with that.

However, every KLite knows that Jalan TAR is a must-go place during festive seasons to get good bargains, and it is easily accessible via public transport for those who want to avoid the nasty jam buildup in the area.

Again, this will be your final chance to catch Deepavali bazaars at Jalan TAR, so don’t miss the chance.

#3 Little India, Brickfields

This is *the* place to be.
This bazaar is arguably one of the most popular in town as it has been around for decades and almost always over brimming with eager shoppers and visitors.

The Deepavali atmosphere comes to life especially at night with fast music, colourful lights and rows of items such as glittery sandals and imitation jewelries, all on sale.

The physical shops selling clothes for kids and adults are also plenty. One can also shop for fresh vegetables and groceries for Deepavali at the shops there.
Amidst the sellers’ calls to woo customers, you could see traders selling hot masala tea and making piping hot onion pakoda (a type of fried kuih made from chickpea batter and onion) to quench shoppers’ hunger and thirst.

Pretty clothes for everyone.
You get everything under one roof complete with snacks to fill your tummies while shopping in KL’s Little India.

While you are at it, get your hands tattooed in Henna (a dye that gives of a reddish hue that is temporary in nature). Numerous Henna artists will be stationed in the booths to draw pretty designs on your hands, at the usual price of RM5 per hand.

Ladies who want to get a quick beauty fix can also dash into the many beauty saloons that offer eyebrow threading and express facials. Who can say no to looking pretty while shopping, right?

#4 Little India, Jalan Tengku Kelana, Klang

The other Little India.
Described by Tourism Selangor as the biggest Indian street in Malaysia, one can just imagine the sort of things that Jalan Tengku Kelana offers. In fact, the place is so popular to get Indian-themed items that many Indian brides and grooms head there to shop for their wedding outfits and accessories.

With such reputation, it is no wonder that Jalan Tengku Kelana is a shopping haven for Deepavali and a home for all things Indian. One can find almost anything here from antique shops to saree shops, jewelry shops and flower shops.

The street is speckled with traders selling colourful bangles, necklaces and even stainless steel pots.

In case you are craving for yummy banana leaf rice while shopping, you will be spoilt for choice as well. Literally every turning of the street will bring you India restaurants serving mouthwatering meals.

To add to that, there’s even a boutique hotel nearby in case you plan to stay the night and continue shopping the day after. Can you tell now why this place is such a crowd puller?

#5 Open Car Park B, National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil

So many choices, so little time.
If rushing from one place to another in your bid to get your hands on Deepavali goodies while baking under the sweltering sun is not your thing, then the Deepavali Carnival at the National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil should be right up your alley.

At this shopping location, hundreds of canopies and platforms are erected to accommodate shopping booths, complete with air conditioner and chiller fans literally blasting in your face.

What started as a small shopping event in 2002, now grew into being the largest outdoor festive carnival running into its 17th year.

It has also been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest and longest running outdoor carnival 400 booths and an estimated 500,000 visitors.
Everything you need under one roof.
Organised by Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd, this year’s carnival will take place from 27 Oct to 5 Nov. Expect to get everything from clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, all under one roof with slashed prices.

Although most of the traders in the carnival are Malaysians, booths are also occupied by foreign traders from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who offer unique pieces for you to stand out from everyone else.

To top it all off, the carnival attracts shoppers by bringing in local and foreign artists to perform, so you have some entertainment while you shop. The carnival is also easily accessible via the Bukit Jalil LRT station.

#6 Nu Sentral Open Car Park, Brickfields

The new kid on the block.
Another Deepavali Carnival that you can check out if you happen to be in the vicinity of KL Sentral, Brickfields and thereabouts, is the one happening in Nu Sentral Open Car Park.

Organised by Wonders Smart Network, this carnival is fairly new with 2018 being only its third installation. However, the carnival packs a punch just like the more seasoned ones.

Guarantee you'll find what you like.
Wonders International Deepavali Carnival 2018 which begins from Oct 26 to Nov 5, will occupy over 150 booths selling everything from home decoration, appliances, furniture and furnishing, clothing materials, saree, punjabi suits, handicrafts as well as accessories.

Check the carnival out today and get your hands on your favourite items!

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