If You've Heard Any Of These 7 Phrases Before, Confirm You’re A Smartphone Addict


Can you guys relate?

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If You've Heard Any Of These 7 Phrases Before, Confirm You’re A Smartphone Addict
Did you guys know that the first smartphone was created back in 1992?

Called the Simon Personal Communicator, it was created by IBM and it combined the functions of a mobile phone and a PDA.

In fact, it featured a monochrome LCD 4.5-inch touchscreen and a stylus, and it came with a stylus!

The grandfather of all smartphones.
Fast forward 25 years later, we seem to be having trouble getting people to put down their smartphones!

There’s just always something interesting happening on our phones that would take our attention away, like those darn Buzzfeed character quizzes or those never ending 9GAG memes.

So, if you’re a smartphone addict like us, or you’ve been spending a lot of time with one, these phrases may sound very familiar to you:

#1 ‘Your phone is more interesting than me, issit?’

Hello, my face is up here.
Your answer should vary depending on who’s asking the question. If the person is your other half, the answer should always be: “No, honey. You’re the most interesting person in the world”. You’re welcome.

#2 ‘Who are you texting? Your new boyfriend ah?’

Waiting for texts be like...
As much as we want to show off that we have a love life, we’re most probably texting our boss, who at 8pm just asked us about work. Hashtag sad face.

#3 ‘Eh, you’re on the phone all the time, but you can’t pick up my calls or answer my texts?’

Facebook/Instagram has priority.
We’re sorry, but this cat video is six minutes long, and we must finish watching it first before we can interact with you.

#4 ‘Why you so anti-social wan?’

You're almost there.
If we were being anti-social, we wouldn’t be sitting in front of you right now, Vince! We just need to take a break from talking sometimes, that’s all.

#5 ‘Your phone is made of gold ah? Can’t put down at all’

Can't put down, won't put down.
Well, technically, judging by how much some phones are going for these days, it is safe to say that yes, our phone is more expensive than gold. We're not going to risk it by putting it down.

#6 ‘Why you don’t want to talk to me?’

We might need to resort to this.
We would love to, hon, but when you start ranting about your annoying colleague Jenny for the fifth time that day, it’s a bit hard to pay attention.

#7 ‘Since you’re always on your phone, why don’t you marry it?’

No, it's not.
OK, you might think this is a joke, but this one man from Los Angeles really did marry his phone! That's when you know you're a true smartphone addict.

So, how many of these have you heard before, or said to someone?

If your other half is using the Samsung Galaxy Note9, it's pretty understandable why he/she can't put it down: that thing is so gorgeous, you just feel like holding it in your hand all the time!

Jam-packed with tonnes of features, the Galaxy Note9 is arguably the most complete Android phone released this year.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Note9 is more powerful than Vladimir Putin. It runs on a Exynos 9810 chip with up to 8GB of RAM, 512GB of internal memory (plus an additional 512GB of external memory) and a whopping 4,000mAh battery, making sure that you have all the power, space and juice you need to conquer the world.

On the exterior, the Galaxy Note9’s 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display – the brand’s largest curved Infinity Display, by the way – with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection makes it an absolute beauty to look at.

The Galaxy Note9’s 12 MP wide and telephoto rear cameras, coupled with the Scene Optimiser feature, make it impossible for you to take a bad photo, even at night. Its intelligent cameras recognise what you’re looking at and automatically optimises colour settings like contrast, white balance, exposure, and more.

To top it all off, the brand-new S Pen stylus now boasts powerful Bluetooth technology, letting you press a button to take control of your camera, presentations, and apps – without you touching your phone. You can say that the pen is really mightier than the sword.

Interested to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note9? Well, there's no better time to get one than now. Samsung Malaysia is currently running a promotion where you'll get an instant rebate of RM400 when you purchase a Note9 at all Samsung authorised dealers.

This special offer lasts til 2 December, so hurry up! 

For more information, head on over to Samsung’s official website by clicking here.

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