We've Just Launched Two Lazy Products For All You Lazy People Out There

Let's be lazy together!

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We've Just Launched Two Lazy Products For All You Lazy People Out There
One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, once said that he chooses a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Think about it, it kinda makes sense because a lazy person would find the easiest and the fastest way to complete a task, thus making him more efficient than those who spend hours and hours at a task.

See, even RDJ is a lazy person!
Which is why we at Rojak Daily are advocates of being lazy (but not at work though, 'cos we don't want to get fired).

And because of that, we being lazy people know what you lazy people want: gadgets that are useful yet help you be even more lazy.

With that in mind, we've decided to launch two products that we know you'll love:

#1 The Laziest Phone Holder

If you're a smartphone addict like us, we know the struggle: you always have your smartphone in your hands (either watching cat videos or Korean dramas, or playing your favourite RPG games) and you find it hard to put down, but after awhile, your hands will start to go numb because OMG, your phone is so heavy.

With our The Laziest Phone Holder, you can now lie on your bed or sit on the couch with your smartphone right in front of your face - without you needing to hold it! 

All you need to do is to place the holder over your neck and voila, your smartphone will never be more than 20cm away from your face ever again. Oh, you could also turn it into a portable phone holder by placing it on a table when you need to give your neck a rest, like this:

The Laziest Phone Holder is made out of 70 per cent aluminium magnesium alloy, so it is sturdy enough to hold almost all phone models. The holder and the bracket are also flexible, so you will not have any problems bending it to any angle you prefer.

Bonus: it also comes with a built-in microphone and earphone, so you can Facetime all you want without your hands going numb from holding your phone at an unnatural angle.

Go on, guys and girls. Get one (or two or three) of these and you will never have to part with your smartphone again.

How much will it cost you: RM19.90
Where do I buy this item: You can click on the link right here.

#2 The Laziest Snack Bowl

We've all been there: you want to munch on some snacks while also watch your favourite series on your smartphone, but you were born with only two hands. So, you would have to sacrifce snacking or watching 'Big Mouth' on your smartphone.

Don't worry fam, we got you: our The Laziest Snack Bowl was made to solve this conundrum.

Made of thickened non-toxic PP plastic, this cute bowl can hold your smartphone and your favourite snacks such as kuaci, peanuts or even fruits simultaneously so you can relax and watch the latest shows while munching on snacks at the same time!

The phone slot can hold multiple sizes of mobile phones, and even a small tablet too.

The best part about this lazy snack bowl is, there's a tiny compartment at the bottom for you to dispose of all the nut shells or other garbage! Now, you don't need to make repeated trips to the tong sampah to get rid of the waste.

At Rojak Daily, we care a lot about your snacking needs. You really should too, so bring a couple of these cute fellas home today.

How much will it cost you: RM19.90
Where do I buy this item: You can click on the link right here.

Alternatively, you could also let us know in the comment section below what type of products or items you would want us to sell, and who knows, we'll have them ready for you next time.

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