9 Quirky, Totally Random Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under RM30

Why be safe when you can be awesome?

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9 Quirky, Totally Random Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under RM30
Getting a Christmas present for someone is already hard enough, let alone getting a Christmas present for someone you don't really know and with a small budget.

On one hand, you want to show people that you're a master gift-gifter, but on the other, you do not exactly have the budget to get a spectacular gift, like this miniature USB missile launcher for instance (please get us one for Christmas, you guys!).

If you still have no idea what to get your friends/colleagues as a Secret Santa gift for Christmas, fret not; we're here to help!

We've scoured the Internet and compiled a list of quirky gift ideas - all below RM30, of course - that are sure to put a smile on their faces:

#1 Ikat tepi​ keychains

It looks so real!
Price: RM18
Where to buy: BMYTA . 北冥有獭
If you have a friend who likes to tapau their favourite beverage ikat tepi-style, there's no better Secret Santa gift than these keychains. You can choose between a few Malaysian favourites: Milo, sirap bandung, teh ais and teh O. Just warn your friend to not put it in their mouth. 

#2 Haw Flakes Acrylic Brooch

Put a snack on your dress.
Price: RM14.90
Where to buy: Naiise Malaysia
A perfect brooch is hard to come by, but luckily for you, we've managed to find arguably the most awesome one! Bring your friend down memory lane with this one-of-a-kind brooch based on every Malaysian's favourite childhood snack. Bonus: wear this brooch to an important meeting to boost your street cred.

#3 IKEA socks

No assembly required.
Price: RM25
Where to buy: Shopee
Every squad would have a hipster character who loves extremely quirky things, and we've found the perfect gift for that person. We can't find anyone who doesn't love IKEA - maybe except for Courts employees - so with this pair of IKEA-branded socks (which is not an official product, by the way), you can wear your love for the Swedish brand. The good news is, you don't need to assemble this pair of socks.

#4 Giant 'Enter' button

Save a mouse, buy a giant 'Enter' button!
Price: RM30
Where to buy: Shopee
Know a co-worker who's always throwing tantrums and slamming his mouse on the table? Help save his office peripheral with this giant USB-powered 'Enter' button! Not only will it function as an 'Enter' button when you plug it into your laptop, you can slam your fist into it everytime your boss asks you to stay back late in the office. Added bonus: thou can also use it as a pillow.

#5 Fish sandals

Do you smell something fishy?
Price: RM23.80
Where to buy: Shopee
Don't like a colleague but you're forced to become her Secret Santa? There's no better way to subtly tell her that her attitude stinks like a dead fish than this pair of fish-shaped sandals. You're so fishy, Jennifer!

#6 Lazy neck phone holder

Look ma, no hands!
Price: RM19.90
Where to buy: Go Shop
There's always a friend who can't seem to put down their phone, so why not help that friend free their hands with this perfect gift? With this neck phone holder, your friend can go hands-free during one of their weekend Netflix binge sessions. Trust us, your friend will thank you for this.

#7 Pick Up The Cent kitty bank

Price: RM22.90
Where to buy: Lelong
Know someone who can never save money for rainy days? That's because they do not have this adorable mini cat bank. All they need to do is to put their coins on the little plate, and a kitty cat will creep out and 'steal' it. If we had this kitty bank, we will be throwing our money at it every. Single. Second!

#8 Animal cable bites

Om nom nom.
Price: RM21.60
Where to buy: Kinokuniya
Normal phone cables are boring, so these adorable little cable bites are the perfect Secret Santa gift for that boring colleague or friend of yours. 

#9 Foot hammock

Treat your feet.
Price: RM29.90
Where to buy: Lazada
We don't think your boss will let you install a full-size hammock in the office (unless you work for Tony Stark), so this little hammock for your feet is the next best thing. But beware, though: your co-worker can use this as an oversized lastik to annoy you at work. Definitely do not get this for that annoying, prank-loving colleague for your own sanity.

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