Malaysia’s Monopoly Mansion Has Been Listed As Lonely Planet’s ‘Best New Attraction For Kids In 2019’

Can we adults play too?

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Malaysia’s Monopoly Mansion Has Been Listed As Lonely Planet’s ‘Best New Attraction For Kids In 2019’
Some of you upon reading the headline of this article must be thinking “Wait, we have a Monopoly Mansion?!”

The answer is actually yes and no. Yes, because Malaysia will be home to the first Monopoly hotel in the world and no because the mansion hasn’t fully materalised yet since it’s still under construction.

The hotel named Monopoly Mansion by Sirocco will be located at M101 Bukit Bintang and is slated to open in the second or third quarter of 2019.

This is where the Monopoly Mansion will be located at.
And since Monopoly Mansion is a new concept not known to many around the world but seems to be an exciting prospect to both adults and kids, it has been selected as Lonely Planet’s list of ‘Best New Attractions for Kids in 2019’.

There are 10 new attractions listed and the board-game inspired mansion placed sixth in the list.
According to Lonely Planet, “For most children (and many adults), staying somewhere different is half the fun of travelling.”

“Add to that a hotel themed around a world-famous board game that graces the shelves of most houses in the Western world and the excitement levels are heading straight past Go.”

This is probably how parts of the hotel will look like.
“Boasting a 1920s Great Gatsby feel, this five-star, 255-room hotel – and world’s first Monopoly hotel – may be better suited to older children (have you tried to play Monopoly with a five-year-old?) but all ages need to come ready to build their property empire and get rich quick.”

Other attractions that also made the list which we secretly would like to go and enjoy it as much as children will are – Lego House, Denmark, Dippy on Tour, UK, Sloth Preserve, Costa Rica, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, USA, and Bear Grylls Adventure, Birmingham.

Can’t wait for the Monopoly Mansion to open and run at ‘GO’!

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