Malaysians Are Going Nuts Over This Apartment

Obillique the interior design consultancy based in Singapore has made huge fans in Malaysia with their design.

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Malaysians Are Going Nuts Over This Apartment
I never knew I had interior design goals till just this second.

Posted a mere 24 hours ago, the 1,000 sq ft house on the east coast of Singapore has been shared over five thousand times – and counting. And it's not hard to see why. Let's step in:

Any Asian person will recognise the humble/dodgy stairway of traditional apartments. Yeah, nice sign on the door, meh. 

Boom! Where the heck did all this space come from? 

The living room with customisable wall panel, island-style kitchen, and the dining area.

The kitchen is similarly open with an exhaust hood to extract fumes. We notice a lot of alcohol instead, which is nice. We hate/love the people living here already. 

The 'dining area' also doubles as an open space for work. It also helps that it's a corner unit with lots of windows that gives the illusion of space. 

A preview of the bedroom. Similarly minimalist with an Asian Zen influence. What's that room ahead? 

Hold-up... Is this a frickin' walk-in closet!? Look at all those shoes! Look at that... random... painting (?)

Plus a display for sunglasses and watches?! Yeah, we're officially jelly. There's even air-conditioning exclusively for this room. 

The cleansing ritual room. We can't even anymore. 

Obillique was established in Singapore in 2009 and works on various interior design projects with a focus on food and beverage chains. Visit them on Facebook at Obillique or hit up their website at All photos are credited to Bryan V Photography. You can visit his website here where you'll find two other properties worth salivating over. 

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