Hey Malaysians, You Can Sell Your Old Or Unwanted Phones Via This App

Don’t chuck it out yet; who knows you can make some money!

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Hey Malaysians, You Can Sell Your Old Or Unwanted Phones Via This App
If you’re over the age of 20, it’s safe to say you’ve probably experienced the rise and fall of mobile phones.
From the glorious days of Nokia, to the boom of Blackberry to the first generation of iPhones, which kickstarted the smartphone era, you probably still have those old phones chucked somewhere in your drawers where its existence may have been forgotten.
Well, it’s time to do some ‘treasure hunting’ because you can trade your unused phones for cash with just a touch of a button.
Nothing beats the feeling of waiting and receiving an SMS.
InstaCash is a service that offers to purchase your old phones and refurbish them before selling them off locally or overseas.
All you have to do is install InstaCash on your unwanted phone and the app will automatically assess the condition of the device by running diagnostics tests.
Go on, download the app and see if you can really sell in 60 seconds.
According to The Star, the app will “do a pixel check to assess the condition of the screen, and will also ask the user about the physical condition of the phone.”
“Once the tests are completed, the app will offer a price for the old phone – if the user accepts, the company claims a courier will be assigned to pick up the phone within 24 hours.”
Your courier making his way to deliver your money.
The courier will then handsomely pay you upon collection. However, if it was determined that the phone isn’t what the seller described, you will be paid lower than the initial amount.
And don’t worry about the data you may have forgotten to delete, as InstaCash will wipe out all existing data (if any) and conduct a hardware and software defects test.
Sounds intriguing, eh? You can earn some cash and help reduce e-waste – a win-win situation for all.
InstaCash is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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