Perks Of Working When Everyone Else Is On Holiday

No getting stuck in traffic jams!

  • Monday, 4 February 2019
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Perks Of Working When Everyone Else Is On Holiday

Smooth traffic in Klang Valley

Monday morning blues was extra potent today. Dragging ourselves out of our very comfortable beds after a long weekend, knowing that most of our family and friends are still snuggled in without having to worry about work did make us feel like a surly kid denied the latest toy. 

All that changed when we hit the road. The traffic was so clear we could have possibly crossed the roads without getting run over by a speeding car! 

Here are some of the reasons we're OK with working today. 

Clear roads 

Driving from Kelana Jaya to Brickfields in 15 minutes...a miracle!

When else can we enjoy a traffic-free Klang Valley? With more people migrating here and no kampung to go back to, this is a luxury we should enjoy while it lasts. 

Take a leisurely drive anywhere and you'd still reach your destinations faster than you would speeding on a normal day. No excuse to be late for that lepak session with friends! 

Empty trains

No able-bodied people hogging the priority seats

No long queues, no crowd rushing to squeeze into the train before we could get off, no able-bodied person had to pretend to be asleep so they don't have to give up seats to those who need it more - riding the train was a bliss today. 

If only it could be this way everyday. 

Parking spots!

No need to fight

The bane of our existence - looking for a parking spot in Klang Valley that doesn't cost a bomb!

But is the day we hope to go out for lunch, find a parking spot without having to go around the block 10 times and having our cars blocked by double parkers who don't even leave their phone numbers on the dashboard. 

Running errands 

Restaurants, banks, government offices, post office and other places that are usually filled with people on working days will have shorter queues today. 

If you have any errands to run, you better get it done. Chances are, you can finish it super fast and still have time for a good lunch after. 

More time to get work done

With so many people away, you have little to no need to interact with people and get stuck in meetings. 

Time to get productive and finish as much work as possible so that you can indulge in your favourite pastime in peace once you get home (and earlier than usual too!).

Holiday again! 

Holiday more back on

Now that Monday is coming to an end, we can go back to two more days of absolute bliss, forgetting all about the office and work. 


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