6 Made-In-Malaysia Gifts To Get For Your Bae This Valentine's Day

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6 Made-In-Malaysia Gifts To Get For Your Bae This Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we bet all you boys and girls out there are cracking your heads trying to figure out the perfect gift for your better halfs.

If it’s nice, it’s too expensive. If it’s on the cheaper side, it’s too common. Oh, the dilemma of finding the most desirable gift! We feel you. 

Or you could just make your own.
Although it is believed that one of the best ways to never fault in your giving gesture is by asking straight up what your loved ones actually want, many of us want an element of surprise in the gifts.

We took the liberty to list down some gifts you can get from Malaysian entrepreneurs and businesses to help you out a little on the gift-giving department, so you can enjoy 14 February and get in the mood for romance.

#1 T’Peepal’s leaf carvings

Get a portrait...carved on a leaf.
Talk about a unique gift. It is not unusual to give portraits of your loved ones as a gift. However, if you want to do it a different way, look no further than leaf carvings.

Portrait artist Thirumaaran Arasu of T'Peepal uses the concept of carving portraits on peepal leaves to create something creative, affordable and memorable. To create the art, Thirumaaran delicately removes parts of the leaf with a sharp tool, like a knife or blade, to create portraits.

Get this for her and she'll never leaf you.
The carved leaves are then framed, ready to be sold. To date, he has carved single portraits, couple portraits and even just letterings or words, as requested by his customers.

Check out Thirumaaran’s art on his Facebook and Instagram pages. 

#2 Made of Lace’s sexy lingerie

Bringing sexy back!
Valentine’s Day may lead you to think of sexy and seductive gifts. If you all didn’t know, there are no better gifts that screams ‘sexy’ then lingerie. Think soft, flirty, lacy inner wear that your girlfriends or wives will love and you, will appreciate.

For all your gifting needs, check out Made of Lace, a brand founded to made women feel inside out. They have a wide range of lacy undergarments in small to plus sizes, which is great for practically any women.

Especially for Valentine’s Day, they have a special ‘Fleur and Lace Valentine Collection’ made out of lace, French embroidery and satin bow, to give the luxe feel.

Add a little luxury.
If all these info overwhelms you or if you are man trying to get lingerie in the correct sizes for your loved one, Made of Lace’s blog even provide tips for you ranging from asking her in a playful way about her size or checking her lingerie drawer when she's in the shower to learn her size.

Check out Made of Lace’s Facebook or Instagram page to learn more.

#3 Batik skirt from EMW Batik

Get her some batik for her wardrobe.
If your girl loves dressing up, don’t just buy her the first clothing item that you see. Put some thought into the clothes you buy for her because that will ensure that she will flaunt it proudly.

Traditionally beautiful.
Try getting her clothing from East Meets West Batik (aka EMW Batik), which carries contemporary materials and flamboyant colours with Batik influences.

Their Batik inspired skirt is one of their bestsellers and it will sure make your girl stand out with its uniqueness. 

#4 Halal nail polish by Polished By Sama Sama

Pretty and halal.
For Muslim women, wearing nail polishes when praying is not permissible. Keeping this in mind, many beauty products now caters for Muslim women with Halal nail polishes that you can wear during prayers.

Halal for your fingers.
One such product is Halal Nail Polish by Polished By Sama Sama. The store describes this product as a revolutionary water-permeable, breathable and Shariah compliant for pretty and glamorous nail polish.

Well, if that is not reason enough to get your girl some of the Halal Nail Polish, no matter if you celebrate Valentine’s or not, we don’t know what is. Say yes to Shariah compliant nails!

#5 Cologne from The Apothecary Malaysia

Look good, smell good.
Who doesn’t love a good looking or good smelling man? If you girls are out of idea trying to figure out what to get for your boyfriends or husbands on V-Day, The Apothecary Malaysia has a solution for you.

Pocket-sized cologne for your man.
Described as the ‘Modern Apothecary for the Modern Man’ on their online site, the page sells wax-based fragrance that fits into any pocket. The colognes, in a variety of scents, are all handmade and the products promises fine craftsmanship, sleek packaging and attention to details.

If your boy is the type who loves his fragrances, this will be enough to please him.

#6 Make up brushes from Breena Beauty

Brush it off.
If your partner is the type who could not live without their makeup, what better way to appreciate their artistic skills than presenting them with good, quality make up brushes?

Breena Beauty is a homegrown beauty label that produces a selection of makeup products and brushes at affordable prices. Check out their eye essential kit that hold six makeup brushes, including a concealer brush and a brow brush that are just what you need to create perfect eye makeup.

For your eyes only.
Also check out their face essential kit that contains six face makeup brushes including a foundation buffer and a cheek definer to attain a flawless finish. Get the affordable brushes for your partner and she will definitely appreciate it.

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