Karl Lagerfeld’s Beloved Cat, Choupette, May Inherit RM796 MILLION From The Late Designer

This cat lives a lavish lifestyle that we peasants can only dream of.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Beloved Cat, Choupette, May Inherit RM796 MILLION From The Late Designer
Vanity Fair/@choupettesdiary

RIP Karl Lagerfeld. Stay strong, Choupette.

Cats bring joy and are adored by many, including prominent figures around the world. Heck, some cats are so popular that they have a huge following around the world – more than you can ever imagine or wish of.

And one of those cats belong to the legendary late fashion maestro, Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld’s demise stunned the fashion world and we’re pretty sure it must’ve had an effect on his beloved cat, Choupette Lagerfeld.
It was reported that Choupette lived a luxurious life under the care of the former creative director of Chanel – the female feline has a bodyguard, two personal maids, and a personal chef who serves her food on a silver platter (or fancy bowls).

So, what will happen to her next?

Well, word on the rumour mill is that Choupette may be next in line to inherit a cut of Lagerfeld’s fortune worth £150 million (RM795.96 million), which is definitely more than enough to cover her living expenses even if she died and came back to life all nine times.

Lil Choupette morning the death of her daddy.
This was further confirmed when Lagerfeld was asked in an interview with Numéro whether he’d name Choupette as his heir of fortune.

“Among others, yes. Don't worry, there is enough for everyone,” Lagerfeld told the publication.

And in the event that she does inherit the money, she will become the “world’s wealthiest cat”. Her new fortune will be managed by three people – a trustee at the top level, the caretaker who looks after Choupette, and an enforcer who oversees both people.

Karl saw Choupette more than just a cat, she's her life companion.
Choupette has amassed a following of close to 230,000 followers on Instagram and over 51,000 followers on Twitter. She even has her own personal blog, Choupette’s Diary.

She didn’t even have to really too much on daddy to fend herself – in 2015 she made €3 million (RM13.89 million) via campaigns for a German car maker and a Japanese beauty product.

Choupette doing what cats normally do - up to some mischief.
Guess only time will tell if this blue-eyed fluffy feline will really inherit a portion of Lagerfeld’s fortune.

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