Seven Simple Things You Can Do At Home To Help Save Water


Save for the future, guys!

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Seven Simple Things You Can Do At Home To Help Save Water

Recently, the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) announced that it's planning on making it compulsory to label and use water-efficient devices in the near future. 

According to this report from 2016, several states in the country (Kedah, Penang, Kelantan, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor) will likely face water crisis as early as next year.

The new move by SPAN suggests that the situation hasn't improved much, if at all. 

We could possibly be queuing up for water from those lorries that visit housing areas during water shortages more often sooner rather than later if we don't do something about it! 

Here are some tips to save water - and ourselves the trouble of living without clean water: 

Use low-flow faucets and shower heads

Waste less with smart devices
You don't have to wait till a law is passed to install these devices in your bathrooms and kitchens.

These devices aren't that expensive to buy and install and you'll make up for the cost by saving on your water bills, anyway. 

Your shower may not be as syiok because the water pressure won't be as high, but you'll be conserving water for future use. 

Take shorter showers

Bathroom singers, take note
We know this is hard for people who love singing, contemplating life's mysteries, and having mental arguments in the shower. 

But trust us when we say these activities are just as fun and effective when you do it without running water. 

We recommend using hairbrushes, posters of your favourite philosophers and/or most hated person you want to hurl insults at as substitutes. 

Turn off the taps

Turn off the taps
Whether you're washing the dishes, yourselves or your pets, turning the tap off when soaping and shampooing will help reduce the water used significantly. 

It's hard to see how much water we use for cleaning since the water just goes down the  drains, but according to recent findings, Malaysians use about 230 to 240 litres of water EACH DAY, per person. 

This is almost 100 litres more than the recommended use of 150 liters per day by the United Nations. 

Use dual-flush toilets

Use water wisely
You don't need as much water to flush down liquid as you do more solid stuff. 

By using the dual-flush toilets, you save at least half the amount of water you'd use otherwise most times.

While you're at it, place a dustbin in your toilets to throw away tissues so you're not flushing it down the toilet, which will defeat the purpose of dual-flush toilets. 

Check for drips and leakage

Every drop counts
If you notice your faucets or showers leaking or dripping, fix it immediately. 

Sometimes, leakages are not so obvious, so check for unusual increase in your water bill and assess your usage that month to see if there is an explanation for the increase. 

Otherwise, you might want to get a professional to get things checked, and it's wise for you to do so immediately.

Wash your car less

Your car doesn't need to be washed all that often
Vacuum and wipe the insides of your car more often, but refrain from washing your car every week. 

Pro tip: Buy cars with colours that doesn't show easily when it gets dirty. If you don't see it, it's not there! 

Brush your teeth with just one cup of water

We admit, we are guilty of letting the tap run when we're brushing our teeth and washing our face, and we know most of you out there do too!

According to recent studies, an average Malaysian wastes 18.92 litres of water every time they brush their teeth with a running tap – which means that in a day, more than 30 litres of water get wasted just to clean your pearly whites! That's a lot of wasted water, guys!

To get rid of the bad habit, here's a challenge for you guys: fill up a glass with water and try and brush your teeth using only that glass of water. It might sound a little bit difficult at first, but it could help Mother Nature in the long run.

It may take a little bit of adjustment and some initial cost, but the price we'll pay if we don't start conserving water is much higher.

With World Water Day just around the corner, one local company that is doing their part to help raise awareness about this issue is CUCKOO.

With their “Just 1 Cup to Brush My Teeth” campaign, the company aims to educate Malaysians about water wastage and hopefully, help them change their water-using habits.

The campaign, which was started back in 2018, was conceived after recent findings revealed that one in three Malaysians wastes more than 30 litres of water a day just by brushing their teeth - the equivalent of 12 grown adults’ daily required water intake!

Pretty shocking, kan?    

So, with the campaign, CUCKOO wants Malaysians to brush their teeth with just one cup of water and help save the environment.

As encouragement, CUCKOO is also running a pledge-and-win contest where you get to walk away with a CUCKOO Kyndell Thermo Flask (worth RM150).

To be in the running, all you have to do is to upload a picture of yourself brushing your teeth with just a cup of water on your personal social media page (Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtags #WorldWaterDay2019, #SaveWaterwithCUCKOO, #Just1Cup and #withCUCKOO.

The contest ends 31 March, so what are you waiting for? For more information, visit CUCKOO’s official website.

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