Hey 90s Kids, You Need To Get This Super Lit FILA X ‘Rugrats’ Collection ASAP

Shut up and take our money!

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Hey 90s Kids, You Need To Get This Super Lit FILA X ‘Rugrats’ Collection ASAP
Champ Sports

We love the cute iconic dinosaur.

What’s better than a crossover of your favourite childhood show and your favourite sneaker/fashion brand?

Well, it will ultimately result in you emptying your bank account to purchase the whole collection, but hey, at least you’ve minted your status as a die-hard fan of the show and also a hypebeast.

Kids and teenagers of the 90s era, get ready for an epic throwback as FILA has just launched their latest collection that screams nothing but nostalgia via its ‘Rugrats’ collaboration.

Do you still remember how the theme song sounds like?
Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil represented a quintessential part of your childhood and soon, it’ll be part of your wardrobe.

FILA X ‘Rugrats’ features clothing and footwear bearing some of the iconic characters from the beloved Nickelodeon show.

So cute!
We want the hoodie so bad!
And you don’t necessarily need to be a big fan of the show to own the collection, because the sneakers in this limited-edition line alone will definitely steal your sneakerhead heart.

A striking red FILA Ray Tracer, a classic white FILA Disruptor 2 and FILA’s Original Fitness Tape all just scream your name begging to be taken home with you.

Will the Original Fitness Tape be your pick?
Or the Disruptor 2?
And to complete your look, you should also cop the cool sweatshirts or t-shirts that’ll match your sneakers.

Which 'Rugrats' character are you?
No news yet on how much it will cost for you to own a piece of FILA X ‘Rugrats’ collection, but what we know is it will be exclusively sold at Champs Sports.

So, what’s the next childhood TV show you’d like to see collaborate with your favourite brand? For us, it’s definitely ‘Sailor Moon’ or the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’!

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